Posted by: GeekHiker | November 26, 2010

Friday Sillyness – Humor Keeps Me ‘Goin

So, yeah, the last few weeks have been a bit stressful.  But there are various things I do to keep me ‘goin.

First, and foremost, hanging out with my friends, at least on a semi-regular basis.  Then there’s things like taking the time to read all of your blogs (as best I can), take occasional breaks, and treating myself to a decent meal every now and again.

And, of course humor.  And a big source of that are the infamous and varied sites of the Cheezeburger network.  Sometimes funny, sometimes so-so, and sometimes giving me a hearty belly-laugh that is oh-so-needed.

And now, without further adieu, a few favorites from the last few weeks:

Courtesy of So Much Pun:

Funny Puns-They Handle Great on the Ampersands of Tatooine
see more So Much Pun
No just a pun, a geek pun.  Awesome.

From Pundit Kitchen:

see more Political Pictures
Humorousand filled with truth.  Gotta love it.

From Very Demotivational:

demotivational posters - BOB ROSS
see more Very Demotivational
Okay, only funny if a) you use PhotoShop and b) you remember Bob Ross.  For me?  I just about fell outta my chair laughing.

And finally, from the Fail Blog:

epic win photos - Condom Brand WIN
see more funny videos
Kinda speaks for itself, and I consider it a definite WIN!


  1. Ah, Bob Ross, I miss his happy trees 🙂

    I also like the condom. I think my residents would definitely use those. Especially if they were the same color as light sabers!!

  2. Oh my gosh…the At At Walker is my fave (being a big Star Wars fan)! Hilarious!

  3. I’ve been trying to lessen your load by not posting very much. That way you don’t have to read my Blog and have more time for your studying and for yourself.

  4. I don’t get the first one, so I will have to assume that the guy that created that one has little use for the the last photo.

  5. awww bob ross! let’s just paint in a little branch here on this little tree guy, and that grass needs a little friend, too. let’s give him a rock buddy.

  6. Hahaha that condom is awesome! My favorite new site is called Damn You Auto Correct. I literally cried at my desk one day reading the funny messages that occur when iPhones autocorrect text. It’s good stuff!

  7. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at that condom! It’s awesome – 5 kind of want a handful to pass out to random strangers on the street, just for giggles.

  8. Um… Unrelated to your content (which is hilarious, by the way, although I have to admit, I don’t really get the geek pun thing), but is it snowing in LA (or are you just wishing for snow?)?!!!

  9. haha, I love the condom one!

  10. i think you need to explain that first one. i love the others. yeah, i remember bob ross 🙂

  11. Not bad, not bad. 🙂

  12. MissMcCracken – I think he’s more popular now than ever. As for the condoms, it seems appropriate that they should come in colors.

    SingleAndBloggingIt – Definitely right up a Star Wars geek’s alley!

    Homer-Dog – And I do appreciate it. 😉

    JENNeralizations – Really? That it’s an AT-AT (or @-@)? I must work on your Star Wars edumacation!

    Seine – And all in two brush strokes.

    MelHeth – I’ll have to check that one out. They’ve got one for the office now too…

    LeafProbably – I wish I knew where to get them…

    SkyBlueStateOfMind – See my answer to JENNeralizations above. It did snow in the mountains. Mt. Baldy had a dusting I could see from all the way over by the ocean.

    Spleeness – Well, now I really have to find who makes them.

    Blakspring – See above. I think you can pick up Bob Ross on DVD, if you need some zen around baby.

    Gany – Thanks.

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