Posted by: GeekHiker | July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Things have been a bit quiet around here, I will admit.  Not for lack of anything going on, though, as I’ve been entirely TOO busy of late.

None of it, unfortunately, out on the trail.

But I plan to get back into the swing of things very soon.  In the meantime, I just thought I’d do a quick post and wish y’all a happy 4th of July!  And a happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian friends to the north.  Now go out and celebrate!

Safely, of course.  🙂



  1. 🙂

  2. What’s in the black box?! I can’t see! AAHHHH!!! WHAT IS IT?!?!?!

    Happy 4th 🙂

    • Oh yay! I can see it today 🙂 Great!! 😀

  3. Haha, I think that’s the one episode of the simpsons I haven’t seen 🙂

    So are fireworks illegal at all times then? We sell them over here for guyfawks, and I know lots of people hoard them for later in the year!

  4. Nothing like Independence Day to give people an excuse to act like jackasses and endanger themselves and others. Plenty of it going on in my neighborhood this year.

  5. Narami – Do they celebrate in PR?

    Miss McCracken – Glad you could finally see it! I figured you would, being a fellow Word-presser…

    LeafProbably – You should see it! Fireworks are legal depending on where you are. Where I live: illegal. On the other side of the freeway: legal. Go figure.

    HunnerWoof – “Act[ing] like jackasses and endanger[ing] themselves and others”? Isn’t that the American way? 😉

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