Posted by: GeekHiker | July 13, 2011

The Journal: December, 2009

[So, here’s the plan: I’m pretty much just going to write word-for word whatever I wrote at the time.  These bolded, bracketed comments are my thoughts from now, July 2011, looking back at whatever I wrote then.

Also: as always, I will appreciate comments, but I’m not sure I’ll be responding like I traditionally do.  I dunno, commenting on comments on a journal post from the past that I’m also commenting on… at that point it all just gets a little meta, don’t you think?  Then again, I do love the conversation, so…]

December 1, 2009

I have two lives.   One in real life, and one online, where I am known as the GeekHiker.

And I hate my life.

December 2, 2009

I should probably clarify that.

[Whoa.  Starts a little dark, huh? Don’t worry, it gets better.

This was also the point where, after exactly two days, I decided I am not cut out for daily writing.  So, I put the journal-with-only-three-lines-written away, and decided to start again in January 2010, not writing to any set schedule, just when the moment grabbed me…]



  1. Well, as much as I can know a person from their persona, I have to say I like geekhiker, but I really like who you are. I hope that as we learn more about you in these past few months we’ll also discover that life is sucking a whole lot less for you!

  2. Dark eh? I just started my blog before reading this post. I started out dark too. I think dark is the motivation of choice for anonymous blogging. Just my working theory.

  3. This is starting to sound like a great novel (although it’s real, but all great art is based on real life, right?). Thanks for letting us go on this journey (or walk down memory lane for now) with you.

  4. Don’t we always usually have to have an ‘I hate my life’ moment before we push ourselves to change? Personal crisis is a great catalyst.

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