Posted by: GeekHiker | August 7, 2011

The Journal: August 7th, 2011

So, here it is, the day of departure.

I feel like I should be typing something deep and profound.  Like all those speeches they used to give before people began on long expeditions.

Truth is, though, I’m just flat-out exhausted.

The last couple of weeks have been more tiring than I would have thought possible.  First there was all the packing, last minute packing, putting it all in the truck, etc.  Then there was the long process of going through stuff and throwing out or donating a lot of it.

When you have to pare down your belongings to fit into a 75 foot storage space, it forces you to cleanse your life of a whole lot of stuff.  This is a good thing, I suppose, as I was holding on to way too much junk.  Still, it meant a week of non-stop decision-making about, literally, hundreds of items.  Not that any of the individual decisions were difficult, but taken en-masse?  Bloody exhausting.

After a few days of doing that, there was the shopping and preparing for the trip. Buying storage containers, selecting which clothing and cook gear to take, picking up a new sleeping bag, etc.  I even got a new tent, a big huge 10 x 10, and an air mattress.  My feeling is, if I get to stay anywhere for more than a few days, I might as well have decent sleeping accommodations.

Anyway, several days of that and I started to feel myself getting down.  Between all the decision making and the spending of money (something I’ve never been too good at), my mood was starting to sink.  So, finally, I called it: it was time to go.

Was there more that should have been done?  Sure.  More preparation?  Yep.  More selection of goods and equipment?  Yes, indeedy.

But I needed to leave.  It was time.

So, now I am heading north.  I’m at Lake Siskiyou, a good overnight spot to bed down for the night.

August 7, 2011. The day I decided to hit the road.

It’s also my 38th birthday.

Which, although purely coincidental, is pretty damn poetic by any measure.

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving the interstate.  It all feels so surreal.

Or maybe *yawn* it’s just been a long day of driving.



  1. Yay! The adventure begins!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Happy Adventuring-Wandering!

    i was just wondering where you were/how you are…

    please post often!
    you totally kicked my wanderlust into overdrive!

  3. Happy Birthday – I hope you got to look up at the stars that night and ponder the coolness of the year ahead.

    I think your use of “bloody” is a sign that the UK is in your future at some point. 😉

    Glad to get an update! Looking forward to the next one.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    I think Michelle Shocked is apropos here: “The secret to a long life/is knowing when it’s time to go”

  5. Oops, the lyrics I gave were to a different song, but hey, I think the song in the video works just fine. . . .

  6. Glad you are “just doing it.”

  7. Cheers for the first day! May this trip be full of awesome.

  8. If you wander into my neck of the prairie, stop by. We have a bed and a clean bathroom you can use.

  9. […] so it went over a period of a couple of weeks, between the time I started packing and the actual departure on the road trip.  Papers, knickknacks, assorted dishes, old clothes, books… so much of it […]

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