Posted by: GeekHiker | December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Yes, I know, I am risking the wrath of Faux News by wishing everyone a Happy Holidays rather than the mouthful “IWishYouAMerryChristmasAndAHappyNewYear.”  On the other hand, if I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, does that mean that Faux News has won?  Oy, politics is so confusing…

I am back in California… for the moment, at least. Spending Christmas with the family, and New Years in Southern California with friends.  As for the last four months, my mind is full of thoughts, all of them tumbling all over each other and leaving me… well, pretty speechless, at the moment.

So, let’s talk numbers:

15,868 miles traveled

36 states

1 federal district

3 provinces

3 oil changes

9 National Parks (plus yet-to-be-counted monuments, seashores, memorials, etc.)

And more numbers yet to come.

A quick, and special, shout-out to those that I met along the way (many of whom even gave me a place to sleep): SkyBlue, JustAGirl, Homer-Dog, Miss McCracken, AbsurdBeats, Mel Heth and TGAW.  You opened your homes and friendships to me, and I shall forever be grateful.

I’m not sure yet what 2012 holds (well, other than the end of the world, ‘natch).  I’m sort of caught in between competing desires of further travel and settling down somewhere (oh, yeah, and that whole reality get-a-job thing which, whatever lightness I may display on the outside, is always an undercurrent to my thoughts on a daily basis).

Some moments all I want to do is hit the road or the skies or the trail, others I find myself missing commenting on blogs or reading books or watching geeky television.  I suppose my nature to be a bit contrary in my likes and desires (so many of which can’t be done simultaneously (at least until broadband hits remote wilderness areas (which, frankly, I hope it never will))); hell, the contrarian in me is embodied in my online name.

In other words, rather than attaining clarity, I’m probably more confused than ever.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Who knows?

But that’s all neither here nor there at the moment.  For now, I simply hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!



  1. Your stats are supremely impressive. I had no idea you hit 36 states. Bravo! And thanks for the shoutout – it was totally fun meeting you 3000 miles from home. Can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes you (even if it’s back to work!).

  2. Happy holidays to you too! Your trip sounds absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to reading all about it and seeing all the pix!

  3. Howzabout a map showing your travels—and highlighting the oil changes, of course?

  4. A belated Merry Christmas, GH. Hope 2012 grants you the clarity you seek.

    I second the map.

  5. I look forward to reading about your past adventures… and what’s next!

    offer still stands, if you want part time work in southern california…

    Happy New Year!

  6. Most people get extra uncomfortable before they make awesome progress! Maybe that’s where you are right now in your confusion! Thanks for the shout out- aaaand your trip stats are impressive!!

  7. Sometimes confusion is a good thing…make that state #37 “state of confusion”

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