Posted by: GeekHiker | April 9, 2012


Okay, so somewhere, somehow, five weeks in New Zealand just blew by.  And all I’ve managed to write about is Auckland.  Sheesh.

I’ll try to get some more stuff up as I can.  What’s really holding me back at the moment has been the cost of internet access in New Zealand, which is high priced (usually on the order of a dollar per megabyte) and slow.  Hence the reason for so few pics as well.

I can only assume that the backbone network in the country consists of kiwis running back and forth with the data bytes in their little beaks.

Things have been good, though.  Have traveled through the country, made some new friends, done some trekking, and met the wonderful Shannon of Leaf Probably fame, who introduced me to her home of Wellington.  She’s a proud Wellingtonian (uh, is that the right word?), and it was a blast to be shown around by someone who loves her hometown so much.

Anyway, much as I hate to be a tease, I have to be.  Next up is two weeks in Fiji, where I’ve signed up to do a volunteer project (having decided that it can’t be all about me (so writes the man who writes a blog that’s mostly about, well, himself (irony in parethesis, eh?))).  It’s supposed to be a housebuilding project but, given the flooding and damage a week ago, who knows how it will turn out?

The big drawback?  I’ve already been warned not to expect much in the way of internet service.

So, no, I haven’t forgotten about this little blog.  And the moment I get a run of decent internet, I’ll update like crazy.

Until then, I’ve been a little busy living life.  Sorry ’bout that.

Well, not really.  😉



  1. I think your line about data byte carrying kiwis is excellent! Would you mind if I use it, if I give you credit?

  2. As long as you follow it up with a book that discloses all your travels, we’re cool.

    That’s so neat you got to meet Shannon! And that you’re going to do good in Fiji. What a guy!

  3. Yup, Wellintonian is definitely the word. Or Wellintonite. Or Wellingtonee. Or… Wait, what were we talking about again?

    Have Fun in Fiji! I have friends who go every year because they LOVE it there. Trust me, you’re not going to care about lack of internet!

  4. It’s wonderful to be in a situation in which you’re too busy enjoying life to blog. Never apologize for that!

  5. Hey Geekhiker, I haven’t been on WP for a while, glad to see your trips are going so well. Fiji? Sounds amazing!

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