Posted by: GeekHiker | October 1, 2012

Catching Up

Here’s a question for y’all: I’ve been too busy for the last year to keep up with all the blogs I’ve been reading over the years, let alone blog myself.

Which, of course, leaves me with a whole lot of stuff unread in my feed reader.  Tons and tons of stuff.  Put it all together, and it would probably be longer than one of those Harry Potter books.  Maybe even longer than War and Peace.  Or even this book.  (Okay, as that book is 4,211 pages, maybe I’m exagarating a bit.)

So, what do I do?

I figure I’ve got two options:

  1. Try to catch up on over a year’s worth of postings from everyone?  That has the makings of a majorly time-consuming enterprise.
  2. Start reading blogs just from now forward?  What if I’ve missed something exceptionally significant in someone’s blog, something that might be influencing whatever they’re posting now.

What does one do?  Does anyone have any experience with this?


  1. I’d go for #2; imho it’s totally reasonable to catch up on a specific blogger if their perspective seems to have massively shifted over the last year or as an alternative to reddit 🙂 cheers! and a much belated welcome back

  2. i think i “mark all as read” on a lot of blogs … but not all of them. i kind of pick & choose when i get overwhelmed. and you never know what you’re missing … literally. so you’ll be okay!

  3. I can’t imagine trying to read a year’s worth of blogs in any reasonable sort of time frame, so I would totally start where people are right now. There may be a bit of a disconnect at first, but in time you should be able to catch up with what’s going on with people.

  4. Yeah — mark all as read and slowly you’ll catch up. If you feel like browsing backlogs of a particular blogger’s stories, you can do so at any time. It’d be too unrealistic to go backwards.

  5. At the risk of sounding unoriginal, i would suggest you start from today. If you read something that interests you and needs more context, you can always go back and read more.

  6. Ditto. Mark as read and move on. The point is to enjoy this stuff, not treat it as a chore, no?

  7. Yeah start fresh. If there is a related or prerequisite post from the last year, the blogger could always include a link.


  8. I can so relate to this – I always feel like I have to go back and read EVERY post after I’ve been away from someone’s blog because I don’t want to miss something. But absurdbeats is right – it’s not a chore. At least it shouldn’t be. Besides, if you’re chummy with the blogger (ahem, hello) you can always email them and say “What the heck is going on?” and I’m sure they’ll give you a quick summary that will be shorter than all those posts!

  9. Oh crikey, just start from today. I say if you have questions, then go back or just send the blogger an email saying “What?!” 🙂 Unless someone is writing a murder mystery blog. You’d probably want to read that from the beginning.

  10. Heh, I go for option 2 all the time! I kinda like being able to jump forward in someones timeline. It makes me feel like Dr Who!

  11. You are crazy if you end up reading everything!

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