Posted by: GeekHiker | December 6, 2012

A Walk In The Park

This week I had the opportunity to apply for the most interesting job position, one that has little to do with what I was doing previously, but takes in so many of my interests I’ve been finding it hard not to get excited about the possibilities.  Moreover, no matter the outcome, just the application process alone has spawned a lot of thoughts in me.

The job is a social media position for an organization that promotes parks and parklands.  Looking over their website and some of their recent accomplishments, I’ll admit it: I swooned a bit.  One doesn’t run a hiking blog for over five years and not have a deep appreciation for the value of parks.

I thought a lot about all the parks I’ve written about and encouraged my readers to go to, whether in the Angeles National Forest, or the Santa Monica Range.

I thought about my childhood in Sacramento, about the open unused spaces under the powerlines (ones that, last I drove past, had been re-christened as actual parks, with names no less).  About the summer days that I rode down dirt pathways on my one-speed and explored and adventured under ancient oaks that had been growing there long before the subdivision arrived.

I thought a lot about where I’m currently staying: in a thoroughly modern, car-dependent suburban landscape that’s nevertheless saved by the number of parks and open space preserves, many of which I’ve found solace in during the stresses of my time back.  My favorite time has been walking or biking the paths in the afternoons, seeing kids out there exploring the creeklands just like I did in my youth, and not hiding at home with their Wii’s and Nintendos.  Every kid should have that opportunity.

I thought about the parks I encountered on my recent travels, whether they be wild parks in BC, National Parks like Yellowstone, designed parks like Central Park in New York City, or the exquisitely manicured landscapes of the traditional English gardens in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and London.

Reading all that makes you want to go take a proverbial “walk in the park”, doesn’t it?

Sadly, none of those thoughts really fit into a CV.

I have no idea if I’ll get the job, or even be asked to interview.  Reading the description and knowing that I can bring so many skills to the position, everything from writing and photography, to my education in film and cinematography and editing, to my online experiences and computer skills, to my love of hiking and the outdoors and desire to get more people out there?  And the idea of being able to do that to help spread the word and contribute to the success of an organization that strives to bring parks to everyone?  It’s hard not to jump up and down at the idea. Literally.

I hope enthusiasm counts for something.

Whatever the outcome, it’s been both the most stressful and most fun I’ve had putting together a job application.  Stressful, because writing the cover letter and tweaking the CV was difficult.  Fun because one of the requirements for the application was to put together a video, which I’ve posted below (minus the name of the organization, in case they wouldn’t want to be associated with the site).  Be sure to watch in HD!

Hopefully they’ll forgive the fact that all of the fluid leaked out of my tripod head, resulting in a little less smooth camera work than I would have liked…

So, what’s your favorite park?


  1. I can’t think of a better person for that kind of job. I hope you get it!

  2. My favorite park is Kings Canyon National Park. My family camps there every summer and has done so since the 40’s, our little esape from the drain and drone of everyday life.

  3. If I might offer a suggestion, do some legwork. Research the company and get some names and connect to them on LinkedIn or other SM sites. If all you did was fill out an online app and send a resume, your chances of making it through any automatic screening tools are pretty slim.

  4. Good job on the video!

  5. Good luck GH. Sounds like the perfect job for you. Sounds like you are perfect for the job.

  6. Ohhh, this sounds great for you! Good luck!

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  8. I’m so behind in my blog reading. I hope you got the job! The video was great. I’m not sure what my favorite park is… I love Central Park but it’s a bit of a drive from my house. 😉 In California, I love the parks in the center of Paso Robles, Healdsburg and Solvang. I have a thing for gazebos…

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