Who am I?  I’m Batman.

Er, no, wait…

Oh, man, that’s such a geek joke.  Not even a very good one.

Welcome in.  The GeekHiker is an average single guy in his early 30’s living in Southern California.  He’s something of a conundrum: not quite a geek and not quite a cool outdoorsy-guy; he floats somewhere in between.  And he really shouldn’t talk about himself in third person.

I work in IT for a mid-sized company, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

I have some full-on geeky qualities: I have two computers and a server at home, I watch good sci fi, I love maps.  I read books on history and watch shows like “Mythbusters”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “The Simpsons” and “Scrubs”.

On the flip side, I’d rather be out hiking than staring at my computer screen.  I day hike all over, go car camping, wish I could get into backpacking.  I like watching raptors soar, do photography, and will always pull the truck over to the side of the road to watch a sunset.  Yep, I’m a geek who drives a truck.

Originally, I started this blog to chronicle my forays into dating, and my quest (if you will) to find “the one” that I’m told is out there, the constant enticement and frustration a guy feels with the opposite sex.  But adding entries on my thoughts, days, and hikes, making this a true journal has been interesting as well, so now it covers all.  Dating, hikes, cool links, computer talk, you never quite know what you’ll find here, because I never quite know either.

So, welcome in.  Enjoy, comment if ya like, please done flame me, and if you don’t like what you see, please move along, there’s plenty more on the internet for ya…

And if you happen to think you know of me out in the real world, well, do me a favor and just keep it our little secret, m’kay?  🙂

SIDE NOTE: Any hikes you may do based on what you read here are entirely at your own risk.  Go get a good map, some experience, some friends and a decent hiking guide.  This is just some guy’s hike’s on the internet for goodness sake!



  1. Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Good writing.

  2. Nice to meet you… I feel a kinship with you based on these words, “He’s something of a conundrum: not quite a geek and not quite a cool outdoorsy-guy; he floats somewhere in between. And he really shouldn’t talk about himself in third person.” Thanks for sharing yourself, I am enjoying your writing. Give my blog a drive-by if you get the chance!


    • I’ll have to 2nd Matthew on that. I also feel that I slip through the cracks when it comes to self-categorizing by stereotypes. But I just wanted to say that I like your writing. Keep it coming!

  3. Hello! I was just hoping to find out how you go about giving permission for the use of one of your pics. I’m building a website for a medical insurance company out of Klamath Falls, and they wanted a local pic of Mount Shasta. This one here http://www.flickr.com/photos/14696810@N06/1510719878/ would fit our needs perfectly and is absolutely gorgeous.

    Thank you!

  4. Have a nice day !

  5. I just found you, and I have spent some time looking through your blog. I will visit often. I am a displaced So. Cal sister. You don’t mind having a lesbian hiking, diving, climbing, and kayaking fanatic as a blog pal do you? Hope not.

    I have been away from home for two years, and miss the open deserts where I grew up (Apple Valley)

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog. Was looking for info on Switzer Falls (where I’m possibly hiking today) and stumbled across this/you. Your photos are stunning. Best of luck to you. Lori

  7. Added my facebook page. Random, I know.

  8. All I can say is wow. I stumbled across your site while looking for more info on the Bridge to Nowhere, and I all can say is that you truly are an inspiration. All the great hikes you have listed are the ones I’ve got to look into.

  9. While googling “bridge to nowhere” I came upon your blog. It’s great. Very catchy. I’m doing the hike tomorrow. I’m positive it won’t be cold 🙂

  10. Where were you when I was in So Cal looking for a guy pal/date/somewhat satisfying relationship for 2 years??!

    Now I’m gone to somewhere over the rainbow, and I’m not “McLovin’ it” either! lol

  11. I like your quote and your blog design.

  12. Just found your blog.
    Think it’s cool.
    Will be back.
    Keep it up!

  13. your blog came up for each hike i’m researching. i’m coming back down from the bay area next weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her. i want to take her out of her ugly suburb, but her knees are shot. can you recommend a mellow, flat area for her to stroll that really feels like it’s away from it all?

  14. Great site. I hope it’s okay I’ve added your link to my blog site. I’m still working on consolidating my entries from other blogs that I had scattered about the net. Love the writing. Keep it up! Is there an RSS feed or email subscribe? Laters!

  15. Ah! I love that you’re a geek and a hiker. And you write well too.

    There aren’t many like you out there; always one or the other. An amalgamation of the two makes you a very cool guy. 🙂

  16. Great writing adn photographs I linked here via As I was Saying

  17. So its the holiday season 2009 and I’m online on a Friday… and my excuse? Yeah, its just too cold to be outside… My 35th bday is in a month and Im planning a singles trip but the funny thing is it will be solo this year too.. my, my- my life s grand! insert an “I can’t believe this” laugh!

    I stumbled upon your blog and it made me belly laugh – so thank you. Glad to know I’m not the only one out there with a cool, real, and geeky personality. Cheers. 😉

  18. Was trying to get more info on Charmlee Park since they are sponsoring a full moon hike this Saturday and found this blog, great pics and I dig the concept being a single 30 something who often does solo hikes, too, I’m just too lazy to write about it. Bookmarking your blog 🙂

  19. I always seem to stumble upon your site when ever I’m looking for a new hike! Love it and love reading all about you and the things you do!

    Hope you find “The One.” Apparently, they’re out there somewhere…so I’ve been told! LOL!


  20. i’m not sure how i found you…
    but i’m really glad i did =]

    thank you for the hikes!

  21. Thanks for the hiking info… Hitting up Bolsa Chica tomorrow.

  22. Geekhiker-
    Nice “about me” Batman, I appreciate your introduction as a “full-on geek” who happens to be a engaging writer (especially with your cultural references and strong voice) and one who discusses one of the activities I love-hiking. I have to admit, I just recently found your blog so I have only briefly perused your posts…I look forward to following your story though as you definitely got me hooked with what I have seen so far.
    I’m a student in LA and unfortunately rarely find the time to hike, or more importantly to write about my experiences outdoors, indoors or behind-closed doors that you do so frequently and intriguingly-and my major is Creative Writing! AND I have had some awesome hiking/backpacking and just plain entertaining experiences I wish I had the drive to share. So props to you geekhiker.
    So your wilderness and personal posts are much appreciated and quite enjoyable.
    A little about your blog-
    First-great quote by Garland.
    Secondly-I like the organization. You have “Hikes” and “Travels” as links if we want to get straight to the point (those people should reconsider skipping the other stuff) and as one who needs to get back out into the wilderness myself I find these quite helpful and informative-pics are great too. I wish though that the “Categories” box was a little more accessible because I found that a great starting point when I first visited your blog and clicked on “Backpacking”…after reading more posts though I couldn’t remember how to find it.
    Third-awesome titles, always appreciate a good hook.
    Fourth-any recommendations on getting roommates to stray from the couch, beer pong table and ridiculously crowded college bar to start hiking in LA?

  23. Hey there geek hiker! 😉 I happened to stumble upon your blog while on the wordpress homepage. Nice blog you’ve got going. I used to live in LA up until 7 years ago…never really got to explore the wilderness…. thanks so much for posting these wonderful hikes. If you like the outdoors, hiking and photography… do stop by my blog and let me know what you think of it. I have a lot of pictures, but not uploaded them.

    BTW, I love your header images. Last year when I went to Crater Lake, I didn’t get to capture the reflection of the mountains as there was too much wind and the lake was not still.

    okay, back to work… keep writing! you’re a good writer… 🙂

  24. Hey Batman, I smiled at your geek sense of humour, does that make me a geek?

  25. I liked your opening Batman line. Oh…does that mean I’m a geek, too?

  26. Do you link your blogs with Facebook? I’d like to follow you closer!

  27. […] About […]

  28. I appreciate your local knowledge. Thanks for giving me the tools to explore the mountains I’ve been looking at for my whole life.

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