Posted by: GeekHiker | February 21, 2007

Well, this is new…

My girlfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago; last weekend we had, you know, “that conversation”.  The one where neither one of you says it, but you pretty much know it’s over.  After four and half years together, my life suddenly seems in flux, in both good and bad ways.

Seems like a good time to start a blog.

So here it is.  My grand presence on the internet.  My little spot on what used to be called the “information superhighway” before spammers and pop-ups slowed it down to be just like every other highway: slow, congested, and full of people swearing at each other.  Ah, progress.

So here I am, single, in my early 30’s, a geek and a hiker, surrounded by the various levels of heaven and hell that is LA.  Great.

I haven’t quite figured out the purpose of this little blog yet, heck, I’m just starting to play with the new toys.  It’s certainly not to get famous, hear other’s thoughts on my fantastic ideas, or get rich.  It’s mostly just a journal.  Comments on being a single geek in LA, comments on the world in general, comments on, well, whatever.  I’m keeping it anonymous since, if people know who I am, I’ll censor myself, and where’s the fun in that?  Of course, if you know who I am, be cool and don’t tell anybody.  I’d do the same for you.

So, let’s see where this door goes…


  1. Narami read the first entry you ever posted. 😀

  2. […] you ever read my first post?  Strange to think it was five years ago now.  The biggest take-away that I’m thinking of […]

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