Posted by: GeekHiker | February 22, 2007

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

…but, I’m not snoring yet.

It’s raining here in L.A.  The first and foremost affect this has on the town is utterly seizing up traffic, as L.A. drivers have no idea how to drive on wet pavement.  Of course, they do figure it out eventually, but seem to blissfully erase this knowledge from their memories between storms, so the whole mess starts up again with each storm.

My current theory on this is simply that people are confused.  L.A. is, essentially, a desert, with the vast majority of the water piped in from hundreds of miles away.  To see water falling from the sky is simply an unnatural event.  Water isn’t supposed to come from the sky, it’s supposed to come out of the tap or be in the pool.

Sadly, there are many, many children in LA who really believe this.

Rain also tends to bring out my romantic, shut-in side.  I don’t have a fireplace and I wish I did so I could grab a book and some hot chocolate and sit in front of the fire and read.  Or sit with my (currently non-existent) mate and stare into the flames together (I know, I know, “awwww”.  Now, quiet, you).  Of course there are other fun things that can be done in front of the fire, but I don’t think I want this to be that kind of blog.  And you have a dirty mind, shame on you.

I’ve never skied or snowboarded, but I think I would snow-lodge quite well, thank you.

Someday I’ll live somewhere with more rain…


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