Posted by: GeekHiker | May 2, 2007

Back to the grindstone

So, after a couple of weeks off, during which I took a trip out to Joshua Tree (and went on a very nice hike about which I have yet to write) and a short vacation out of town (which was amazing, but about which I have no idea where to even begin), I returned to the gym.

Of course, tonight happened to be the night my trainer had scheduled a session, saying that she wanted “shake up my routine”.

God help me.

So I went in, told her that I hadn’t been in in two weeks for various reasons, and watched as she reacted with no sympathy at all.  In fact, she smiled.

Well, more of a grin.

Actually, it was something of an evil, sadistic “I’m going to make this boy suffer” kind of grin.

From someone who happily talks about how, for her, marathons are a walk in the park and centuries (yep, that’s right, 100-mile runs) are her real challenge now.  Which, of course, is exactly what the rest of us reforming couch-potatoes want to hear.

Explaining to her how tired I was from the last couple of weeks of near constant movement, travel, etc., she promised to give me a “light” workout.

Of course, a trainer’s definition of “light” workout and the definition used by you, me and, well, every other sane human being on the planet are quite different things.

So, how much pain am I in?  Remember my first trip to the gym?

At least this time I know the pain will pass.  Admittedly with a little help from a wonderful little tan Advil pill, but it will pass.  And I’ll feel better.




  1. Hmm, I’m strangely curious about this “amazing” trip you took out of town…

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