Posted by: GeekHiker | May 3, 2007

Scariest Date Ever

“A Date With Your Family” was something that I saw during my film classes in college.  It was hilarious, but it was in 16mm, and I never had a chance to dupe it to video and keep a copy.  Of course, at the time, the internet was just in its nascent days, but as the net grew, I would randomly search for it every so often, just on a whim.

Up until now, the search had been fruitless.

Well, thank goodness for YouTube.  And MST3K.

It’s one of the best “this is how your family should be” PSA’s I’ve ever seen.  It’s so detached from reality, it makes “Leave it to Beaver” look like an accurate documentary of life in the 1950’s.

My favorite line?  “These boys greet their Dad as though they are genuinely glad to see him.”  Good to see that faking it with the family is one of those traits that’s been passed down over the years, eh?

Enjoy.  And happy Friday.


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