Posted by: GeekHiker | May 15, 2007

From the latest REI catalog

I’ve been hiking and camping for a long time, and never, not once, did I think “you know, what I really need out here in this beautiful, natural setting is… a propane powered deep fryer.”


  1. Haha that is hilarious. I got the latest REI catalog, but didn’t pay enough attention to notice this item. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I may have to alert some Appalachian Trail Thru Hikers. I’m sure they won’t mind carrying all this weight for 2000 miles. 🙂

  2. Look here. Imagine, I am lost in the woods for days and starving. I arrive upon your humble camp, drawn there by the powerful smell of fresh game killed within hours and now succulently roasting upon your open flame… I expect fries with my meal, damn it. Or I’m going back to fend for myself.

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