Posted by: GeekHiker | May 15, 2007

I feel oddly insulted

Say what?

Apparently three cities have greater road rage than Los Angeles: Miami, New York and Boston.

That just doesn’t seem right.  After all, we here in LA are tops in so may other nasty areas (such as pollution), it just doesn’t seem right that we should rank at number four in road rage.  I mean, if you’re going to live in Hell, you want be in the Number 1 Hell, right?

I’m so miffed I might just have to cut off a few cars on the way home, just to increase our rankings.  I’ll be sure to make liberal use of various hand gestures as well.

More here.

On the plus side, I can proudly say that I’ve lived in no less than three of the top ten cities on the list, so at least I can say I’ve been doing my part over the years.



  1. Seriously Dude – what do they have to worry about – they have sunshine allday and night. Who cares if they have traffic.

  2. Traffic in LA is terribly congested, but in a short visit of a week I didn’t notice it any worse or better than here in Louisville as far as rudeness.

    Also, I fell in love with the city. Then again, living and visiting are two different things.

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