Posted by: GeekHiker | August 29, 2007

Uh oh…

Thursday morning, sometime on the way to work, the truck will roll over 36,000 miles.

What this means, of course, is that it will officially be off-warranty.

About a mile after that, everything will most likely fall apart on the vehicle, right?

Heh, that reminded me of the very end of this particular car chase.  Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to me…



  1. Not a thing happened when my car went off warranty. Though I was nervous for a moment.

  2. just a girl – It just occured to me: I’ll be in traffic, looking down at the odometer, watching it roll over and *crash* I’ll hit the guy ahead of me! LOL

  3. no, please don’t crash while you’re watching the odometer. if that happened, I’d have nothing to read every day! 😉

  4. charlotte – don’t worry, I survived okay. And the truck hasn’t fallen apart yet either!

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