Posted by: GeekHiker | September 8, 2007

Saturday Randomness

(A longish post, in which I make a bold attempt to use nearly every tag I have, just for the hell of it.  [Tag: Writing])

Haven’t blogged in a few days, mainly because this wasn’t the greatest of weeks.  Not bad, per se, just frustrating as hell.

Ever have someone say something that just got under your skin for days?  Yeah, that kind of thing. [Tag: Random Thoughts]

I started the week back at work Tuesday.  I figured being back at work would be, if not exactly better, at the very least cooler than the weekend.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Walking past the server room that Tuesday morning, my ears perked up as I heard all of the server fans screaming.  They’re variable-speed fans, and they usually don’t run that fast unless the server is working abnormally hard.

Opening the door, I found the dedicated a/c for the server room had failed completely, and the room a blistering 96 degrees.  Just the way I want to start the week.

I spent the next half hour gathering whatever little fans I can find around the building and placing them in the door, hoping and praying the servers didn’t overheat too badly.  When they overheat they simply reboot, rather than burn up, but a server constantly rebooting still isn’t very conducive to doing business. [Tag: Computers]

The big red light on the front of the mail server didn’t exactly calm my nerves either.  Popping off the cover, I looked up in the manual what the tiny little amber light on the motherboard was trying to tell me.

According to the manual: “temperature threshold exceeded”.

Well, no shit.  Thank you, Mr. Manual!

Turned out the main fan on that server was failing as well.

In the middle of all this, a user contacted me, saying that his e-mail out of office assistant was off and would I put it back on.  I wrote back and asked that he request his assistant to do it, as I was a bit, uh, busy at the moment.

To which I received a lengthy reply (lecture, really) on how the computers were my job (not just providing and maintaining them, mind you, but apparently every user-controlled function as well), there was no way that I could be as busy as the assistants (who were blissfully unaware as they took their coffee breaks of the impending disaster over in the server room which, well, is how it should be actually) and that I needed to take responsibility for my job.

I can only assume that when a plumber fixes his toilet, he expects the plumber to flush it as well.  It’s a function of the toilet, so it’s the plumber’s responsibility, right?

For some reason, it irked me all week.

Luckily, he happened to cc the e-mail to my supervisor AND call him as well (expecting, what, sympathy?).  Of course, my supervisor knew I was in the server room at that moment, simultaneously positioning a fan in the door to blow cooler air onto the server and ordering a replacement fan at the same time.

So at least everyone’s on my side.  Still.  Oy.  Irritating.  [Tag: Work]

The rest of the week, little things just went wonky.

I went to the gym Wednesday, but found I left my gym shorts at home.  I drove home to change, and found a cop car parked outside.  Turns out it was something minor a couple of doors down, but after staying and talking to the neighbors, well, I never made it back to the gym that day.  [Tag: Exercise]

Then there was Friday, where I stayed at work until 8:00 fixing someone else’s mistake.  Or, more accurately, re-doing work I’d done earlier in the week because someone else screwed something up.

So, today, needing a breather, I went to see “Shoot ’em Up”, which is pretty much as-advertised.  It’s stupid, silly fun.  Oh, sure, there’s some attempt at a plot about babies raised for bone marrow transplants or something like that, but seriously, who cares? [Tag: Movies]

Clive Owen is basically playing a James Bond with a sneer rather than a smirk (with a little of “The Matrix’s” Neo mixed in for color), and Paul Giamatti is obviously enjoying playing the baddie (and thumbing his nose at the Academy for not giving him an Oscar yet).  It’s violent, but it’s a cartoon. [Tag: Stuff I Like]

On another note, I find that I’m feeling entirely non-sociable of late.  Which is what I shouldn’t want, of course, if I’m going to gripe about being single and all that, right?.  [Tag: Dating]

But dammit, I just can’t get into the social mood.  Even to the point where I might just go to the fair next weekend by myself instead of any group hikes or anything like that.  Everyone I know is either not interested or busy, and I want to go anyway, so screw it, I’ll just go.  [Tag: Life]

How much is my mind avoiding the social thing?  So bad I keep having to remind myself that I’ve been invited to a party tonight.

This is pretty rare, as I don’t often get invited to parties.  Most likely that’s because of the fact that in large groups, I tend to want to become one with the paint on the wall.

I’m looking forward to going, of course, as it’s at a friend’s house and should be fun.  But for some reason I keep thinking “what movie should I rent tonight” and then having to remind myself “oh, yeah, I gotta drive through Saturday traffic in LA across town [Tag: Life In LA] for my friend’s shin-dig”.  [Tag: Friendship]

And to top it all off, I haven’t been hiking in two weeks.  [Tag: Hiking]

So that’s been my silly, crazy, frustrating week.  And I didn’t get to use all my tags.

But there’s always tomorrow… [Tag: Uncategorized]


  1. Dang, and I thought my week was bad! I think this week deserves the flying fickle finger award! Eegads, I’m showing my age!

  2. How annoying about the “out of office” idiot. My boss irritated me all week too, and I even had Tuesday and Wednesday off (though I worked all through the Labor Day weekend from my “vacation” on the East Coast to see friends and family). I took care of as much as possible before leaving and only gave him two small tasks that were time-sensitive and couldn’t be done ahead of time. I walked in Thursday to find that he had left them for me to do, telling the CEO it would be done Friday (so he didn’t have to do it).

    Tomorrow will be better. 🙂

    Btw, check out 3:10 to Yuma if you like movies. Just saw it this afternoon and really liked it.

  3. Clive

    How was the party?

  4. I’m sorry you had such a bad week. But you know what? If you don’t want to be social, don’t be social. You are allowed to thumb your nose at social stuff and do things on your own too. No need to force it.

    And the good news is that things rarely go wrong all at once all the time, so now that you’ve had a week from hell, it’s more than likely that things will get better now.

    And from now on, tell me to f-off when I’m moaning about my problems and you have a week like this one.

  5. pick something good that happened this week and think about that instead.
    as for the party… i totally get what ur sayin’ and i even bailed on one myself this weekend… sometimes the idea of making small talk with strangers is just too exhausting. i’m with ya GH!
    oh yeah, and go for a hike already! 😉

  6. dobegil – ah, but there are so many flavors of bad, eh? 🙂

    quirkygirl – bummer that you worked all the way through the holiday weekend, and yes, tomorrow was better for me. I may check out 3:10 to Yuma, though I might wait for the DVD…

    just a girl – well, now we know where you’re tastes lie! As for the party: post a’comin

    lea – true, but if I don’t go out and get my social on, I’m never gonna meet anybody. And don’t worry, chatting about what’s going on with you is still fine.

    charlotte – eh, I’m just putting the week behind me. Post a’comin about a hike too!

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