Posted by: GeekHiker | September 30, 2007

Oregon Trip Day 12: Home

Today, as one might expect, wasn’t very exciting. Like the last day of any trip, it’s all about going home, which is always a mixture of feelings.

On the one hand, you’re eager to go back to your own space, sleep in your own bed.

On the other: the trip is over.

After breakfast and reading the Sunday paper with my parents, I packed up the few things I’d taken out back into the truck and got back on the freeway.

Day 12 - All Roads Lead South

A couple go off east and west but most roads, clearly, lead to LA.

I still missed having JaG’s car behind me. The next trip I take, wherever it may lead me, I hope I’ll find another travel partner as cool as she.

Day 12 - Aqueduct, Oil & Grapes

Even out of focus, this shot is so very California: grapes growing, water being pumped over dry hills, and an oil rig

As the sun set, I took my last shot of the trip, driving up into the Grapevine on I-5.

Day 12 - Grapevine Pass

Heading up into Grapevine Pass

Arriving home, I’ve emptied the entire truck into my living room, and will spend the next week cleaning it up.

Oregon 2007 has been one of the best trips I’ve taken of late. A nice balance of outdoors and cityscapes, hiking and relaxing. And of course, having an online friend becoming a real-world friend and great travel-buddy.

There are other things to say about the trip, of course, but those appear later on.

Thus ends my Oregon Trip 2007. Off to work tomorrow.


I wonder when it’ll be time to hit the road again?



  1. I wanna another trip!

    Oh wait. Just had one…

    Still, I want another!

  2. just a girl – Yeah, me too!

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