Posted by: GeekHiker | September 30, 2007

Back In My Own Bed

Home at last.  So much for the idea of blogging on the road, eh?  Heh.

After most of the little “extended weekends” I’ve been taking over the last couple of years, I return home feeling depressed.  In part it was because the trip was so short, in part it was because I’m the type of person who takes a couple of days to get relaxed.  It takes me a bit to “come down” from the day-to-day.

Not so in this case.  I actually feel quite relaxed tonight.  It’s a nice change.

Which isn’t to say that I’m looking forward to work tomorrow morning.  I mean, c’mon, that would just be silly.

Some random factoids:

Miles traveled: 2,442

Photos taken: 962 (damn  you, easy to take digital-photography, damn you)

Hotel nights: 5

Camping nights: 4

National Parks visited: 2

Cool new friends made: 1

I’ll work on catching up on all of your blogs soon, promise.

I’ve been writing during the trip, and have tons pre-written in my head.  So, should I back-post each day’s worth, or just do a big travelogue post after I’ve gone through all those photos?  Opinions?

Okay, off to sleep in my own bed.  Zzzzzzzzzz…


  1. That’s some serious mileage.

    Mmm bed!!

  2. missed ya! glad you’re back online!

    nuthin’ like sleepin’ in your own bed, is there?!

  3. Welcome Back … and I’d say, surprise us! Ya know we’ll read it!

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