Posted by: GeekHiker | October 10, 2007

Oh, This Is Not a Good Plan

(A bit of a break from the vacation posts, since life continues on)

Well, whatever plans I might have had for the weekend have offically been tossed out the window.

Here’s the deal: there’s an outdated form in one of our software systems at work.

One form in the entire piece of software.

It’s piece of software we were planning to update in the next few months. Of course, the plan was to set it up on a test server, do all of the upgrade processes, see if there were any problems, and then proceed with the actual system upgrade knowing what to expect.

Management, as only management can do, decided otherwise.

We were ordered to do the upgrade this weekend. Giving exactly three days of prep time for a major software upgrade that affects every employee.

Actually, we’re bouncing two versions up, so it’s really two upgrades.

I’m sure management believes that all there is to it is to throw a CD in the server and let it run.

‘Cuz, you know, IT is just that easy.

Anyone who works in IT, or anyone who’s even upgraded software on their own computers, knows that it isn’t always quite that straightforward.

Keep your fingers crossed that I survive the weekend, folks. Monday oughtta be reeeeeeal interesting…



  1. It’s amazing how management can be so clueless at times. Then again, they are probably the kind of people who hire the Geek Squad or Fire Dog to come to their houses and defrag their hard drives.

    Consider my fingers crossed. Good luck and I want to hear all about it next week.

  2. It’s nice to know the people in charge have a clue…

    I’d give you snacks but I gotta pack!

  3. throw a cd in the server? is that what the little pop-out tray thingy is for? i always thought it was a drink holder!

    ha ha ha, you KNOW i’m kiddin ya… but sounds like you wouldn’t put it past your execs to think something like that…

    hope your weekend isn’t too wrecked 😦

  4. Homer – It’s not so much the cluelessness that bugs me, I think, it’s the fact that they never believe you! Thanks for the crossed fingers!

    just a girl – Luckily, I still have a few pieces left over!

    charlotte – well, you can only use it for small drinks. If things go badly, I’ll have a shot glass there! 😉 As for the weekend, time will tell…

  5. All I have is my giant bag of Aussie chocolate.


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