Posted by: GeekHiker | October 14, 2007

So Far, So Good

(Last of the vacation posts should be up tomorrow.)

Well, so far, so good. After an entire day at work yesterday, the upgrade of the software seems to have gone okay.

Of course, that’s only half the battle.

When I head into work tomorrow, there’s two problems that will, I’m fairly certain, arise.

First, all the users will start using the software, and all the bugs that are in the software will come forth. Oddly, although software companies manage to produce copious documentation on all of the benefits of a software upgrade, they don’t talk a whole lot about the bugs.

My favorite bugs are the ones where, when you call tech support, they answer that it’s a “known issue.” A “known issue,” for those of you who don’t know, is a bug in the software that they company knows about, is (supposedly) working on to fix, but can’t be bothered to tell you about on the support page on their website.

In this case, I don’t love surprises.

The other fun thing that will happen tomorrow is the users themselves, getting to use the software for the first time.

In the past this has been a problem since the user base tends to be terrified of change. Doesn’t matter whether the change is good or bad, they hate change of any kind.

During previous upgrades, the users reaction to this process has included some yelling, some (verbal) fighting, marching into the boss’s office to complain, and various demands that we “go back” to the old version.

Ah, users.

Of course, after working all day yesterday, I was left with what to do on my one-day weekend. I wanted to go hiking, but I also wanted to clean the apartment. Not being able to do both, I ended up cleaning.

It was the logical choice, of course, but I would have rather gone hiking. Still, looking around my newly organized, freshly vacuumed living room, it was probably a best choice.

Plus, I took my recycling down and made twenty bucks, so there’s that too.  Heh.

Now all I have to do is survive work tomorrow.

I should go work on the vacation posts. Eh, think I’ll read some Calvin & Hobbes instead. That’s what a Sunday evening is for, right? 🙂



  1. Oh god, good luck this morning!! :-/

  2. Around here, if you gave the end user their choice, they would still be using WordStar. **Shudder**

  3. *kb* – thanks!

    Homer-Dog – Heh. Think that’s scary? I’ve had users who still prefer to use a typewriter and carbon-paper

  4. You’re rich!

    There is something about the sound of the typewriter that brings back memories. Much cursing is a part of those memories. 😀

  5. That explains this place:

    Ed’s Typewriter Repair

  6. just a girl – yes, I remember the cursing well. Some folks just won’t let go.

    Homer Dog – LOL!

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