Posted by: GeekHiker | October 25, 2007

Missing Blue Skies

(Kind of a vent, kind of a wandering post…)

So, what do you think of the picture below?

CA Fire Photo 01

Yes, that’s the actual color of the sky over LA. That’s how it’s been for the last couple of days.

When the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, its a deep, almost surreal red color. Two hours after sunrise, and it turns to a deep orange:

CA Fire Photo 02

And stays that way all day.

At least the winds have died, even if the humidity is still too low and it’s still hot. That all means that the firefighters are getting a chance, even though several of the fires haven’t been contained yet.

It’s certainly not over yet. But all the network anchors have gone back to New York, so I have to assume the crisis period is over, right?

Of course now the comparisons between this disaster and Katrina have begun. Beyond the simple fact that the two really aren’t comparable, it’s all pretty sick when you think about it. I mean, what? Two flooded houses = one burned down one?

Maybe it’s just in our nature in America: to compare two events and determine a ranking.


Any way you look at it, people have suffered. Do we really have to rank it?

What really makes me sick is the fact that two of the fires were started by arsonists. I suppose that makes wildfires unique: unlike hurricanes and tornadoes, some idiot can actually contribute to the disaster.

Still, I’m counting my blessings. Other than the pall of smoke in the air, I haven’t been affected by the fires directly.

The hardest part now is they’re telling everyone to stay indoors with the air conditioning on “recycle” due to all the unhealthy particulate matter in the air. Unfortunately, my old place has no a/c, and it’s been 90 degrees inside when I’ve gotten home from work.

So, I’m left with a choice: open the windows and breathe in the smoky air, or leave the windows closed and sweat to death.

Well, I have a headache and a sore throat, but I’m not sweating.

The light all day has the feel of “magic hour,” that time before sundown when the light is soft and golden.

CA Fire Photo 03

It is has a pretty quality to it, that’s for sure. But its prettiness is tainted by the cause.

I’ll be happy when the blue skies are back, in every possible way.



  1. Wow, GH, I am at a loss for words on the destruction the fires have caused. I was just thinking with the red skies, it reminds me of a horror movie, Night of the Comet or something like that. I hope they get the fires under control and the blue sky returns soon. I totally understand the choice of opening the window for cool air tainted with the smoke or sit in the house and drop 10 pounds through sweat.

    Well, the pain pill has kicked in, so I better go, before my fingers take over for the brain. It’s just at night when I have pain … zzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I hear ya, I feel guilty admiring the beauty of both the moon and the sun these days, but it definitely brings about a different picture than we’re used too! I did see some stars last night, so that was exciting!! 🙂

  3. Yesterday on the way to work, the nearly full moon, low on the horizon, was a bright orange. It looked like a pumpkin which is appropriate for this time of year I guess. Air quality hear in Oxnard is getting better.

    This fire season will eventually pass and all the sick-os will either be caught in the act or grow tired of it all and everything will calm down.

    Keep Cool GH and enjoy the silver lining … well the orange/red skies … of this tragedy.

  4. Post-Script – this morning there was a marine layer, which burned off to reveal an extremely hazy, but still definitively blueish sky.

    dobegil – Yeah, sometimes there’s just no alternative, is there? Glad your recovery is going well!

    *kb* – There is a little guilt there too, I’ll admit. I’m crossing my fingers for stars tonight.

    Homer-Dog – I hadn’t thought of the pumpkin-moon idea, but how appropriate. Hopefully it will all pass soon… well, until next year, that is…

  5. Apparently FEMA held a fake press conference? No real reporters, just their own employees asking pretend questions.

  6. The reason for the top picture isn’t fabulous but I love it.
    It’s now my desktop.

    (That’s okay right????)

  7. Ruby – Yeah, that was a pretty spectacular move on their part, wasn’t it. You just gotta wonder about the guy who thought “This’ll be a great idea!”

    just a girl – That picture? All the pretty pictures of Oregon I put up and you like that picture?
    (yeah, it’s fine 🙂 )

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