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Holidays and Habits

Halloween has now come and gone, and with the fun out of the way the stress and labor of the holiday season can begin. Yes, the sales, travel, family strife (if there is any in yours) and general strain on the psyche that is the holiday season can truly begin in earnest now.

Unless, of course, you happen to be my local chain hardware store, which somehow managed to have all of the Christmas stuff on display when I stopped there on October 7th. Yes, that’s right, a full three weeks before Halloween I found myself staring at an aisle of fully assembled and lit Christmas trees.

I couldn’t help myself: I laughed at the sheer absurdity of it all. Soon enough, I’m sure, they’ll stop bothering to empty the shelves come January and just sell Christmas all year long.

I am, I’ll admit, a bit nervous entering this holiday season. Well, maybe nervousness isn’t quite the right term for it, but for the life of me, I don’t know what is.

Thing is, it’s going to be my first holiday season single in four years. I think that gives me a bit of trepidation as I really don’t know how my mind is going to react to that fact over the next couple of months.

I’m not particularly depressed about it, mind you. Well, not yet, anyways. It is what it is, but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t miss having someone close in my life as I approach the beginning of the season. Like a lot of things (or so it seems at least once you’ve become single after being in a relationship for a while), the holidays just seem a lot more fun when you have someone to share them with.

Actually, it doesn’t just seem like it: I was single for most of my twenties, and sharing the holidays with someone while in a relationship is a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Doesn’t mean that not having someone around is a horrible, horrible thing; it’s just not preferable, that’s all. At least it is for me.

The Ex Girlfriend and I never spent Thanksgiving together; she would usually be visiting with relatives out of town. A couple of years, during my young-and-poor twenties (and before I owned a barbeque), I’ve spent Thanksgiving alone: roasting up a turkey breast in the oven, making stuffing out of a box, baking a potato or two, store-bought rolls, and finishing it up with a pumpkin pie from Trader Joe’s.

Then, of course, I would spend the next three days (with everyone blessedly out of town) hiking the deserted trails.

The last few years, The Parentage have come down to visit me, the three of us squeezing into my tiny apartment. And I’ll be dammed if Dad doesn’t disassemble the entire Weber barbeque and cart it down with them.

Plans haven’t been set for this year: I’ve already told them that if they don’t want to make the drive (which can be hellacious), they don’t have to. Of course, they’re parents, so they’ll probably be more than willing.

Christmas for the last few years has involved the Ex and I driving up to Sacramento, which made for a nice experience. I would hang out with Dad, the Ex would spend time in the kitchen with Mom. Grandma would come over and the whole thing made for a nice little family experience.

Given the unlikelihood that I’m going to meet the love of my life in the next six weeks (I mean, it’s not impossible, but c’mon), I won’t be having that familial experience this year.

Yeah, it makes me a little sad, but what’re ya gonna do?

There is one tradition that The Ex and I had that I will kinda miss: the annual holiday trip to Disneyland.

It was kind of a mini-vacation from all of the rest of the holiday nuttiness. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas we would head down to Anaheim for the weekend and just escape from reality. The first year we did it as a day trip; by the end we simply got a hotel room close to the park and walked over Saturday morning and not returning ’til after the park closed at midnight. It was a great breather, and since neither of us was the “we’ve got to hit every ride in existence today” type of person, we just kinda wandered around the park for a day doing what we liked and not pushing the pace.

Of course, those trips are regulated to history now, and I’m not particularly interested in recreating the memories. It was fun, and now it’s time for new things, right?

But, dammit, I find myself wanting to go to Disneyland again this year. Not out of any desire to have the same experience I had with The Ex. No, I just want to go, leave my cares and worries outside of the berm for a day, be a kid for a while.

Anybody wanna go to Disneyland?



  1. I would love to go. Too bad Disney World is closer to me than Disneyland.

  2. OMG! I would so go to Disneyland!! If you’re serious let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know what you mean about the holidays and being single. I’ve spent the last four holidays single and it always feel weird to me and I always find myself a bit relieved once they’re over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was at Wal-Mart (God help me!) on Labor Day. I enter through the garden section. The entire garden section was set up for Christmas – Lights, Trees, and those cheesy blowup animated yard monstrosities – in SEPTEMBER!! Then you walked through the door into the main store and there was Halloween … in SEPTEMBER!! GAHH!!!

  4. I’m feeling that same trepidation about the upcoming holidays…

  5. The music.
    Make it stop! 50 more days of the music.

    To think I used to like it.

    If you work you don’t have to worry about missing out by being home. At least that is what I tell myself.

  6. Lea – I could be talked into DisneyWorld. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *kb* – it always feels a bit weird, though I suspect that part of it is that very little of the imagery of the season shows single folks like us (no matter how many of us there are).

    Homer – Well, you’ve got me beat on this one! The seasons are all off sometimes: heaters are on sale now but impossible to find during February’s chills. Go figure.

    Ruby – We’ll all have to stick together!

    just a girl – I’m sensing a dislike of the music. Does this mean you don’t want me to sing for you?

  7. This is my first holiday season single in a very long time (I confess that I’m dreading it), but new times call for new traditions. Good things end so new good things can begin. You never know what’s around the next corner….

  8. Please sing.
    And record it then blog it ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. quirkygirl – Right there with ya. Personally, though, I want a mix: I want some new traditions, but I don’t necessarily want to give up the things that I enjoy.

    just a girl – Dream on…

  10. I get the idea of wanting to do something, but feeling a bit… out of sorts when it’s something tied to an ex. I could share my own experiences on this but really.. we don’t have the time. Trust me friend. As a girl who has spent many seasons with someone and without someone, I guess.. the happiness of either depends on the attitude you have going in to it. I’ve celebrated Christmas with someone else and felt miserable- and I’ve been alone and felt wonderful. Count on family and good friends to get you through this one- and turkey. Turkey makes everything better. (Why isn’t that on a t-shirt yet?)

  11. I’ll be honest, holiday time at Disneyland is my favorite time to be there. I’m only live 25 mins from there, so we make it an annual event, because we can only afford to go once a year.

  12. brandy – You’re right, turkey does make everything better! Hmmm, maybe Life is Good would print a t-shirt?

    michael c – That was how it’s been for me; too expensive to go more than that and not close enough to make real use of an annual pass…

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