Posted by: GeekHiker | November 4, 2007

‘Cuz It’s, Uh, Amazing?

I’ll admit it: I watch TV.

Not just PBS either. Nope, I’ll even admit to willingly watching check-your-brains-at-the-door mainstream television.

Oh, sure, I would love to be one of those people who says “I don’t own a TV” whilst casting a disparaging eye on whoever I’m saying it to. I’d love to say that I spend every evening doing nothing but intelligent, productive things like reading, writing the next great novel, rebuilding the engine block on my car or, I dunno, figuring out that whole world peace thing.

Something other than surfing the web and, yep, watching TV.

Still, there isn’t a lot that’s on that I can’t live without. For the most part, if the shows I watched disappeared off the air tomorrow, it wouldn’t cause me much trauma.

The only so-called reality show I’ve ever really watched regularly is The Amazing Race, and while it certainly falls into the above category, it’s still pretty entertaining.

Okay, okay, full disclosure: I watched the first season of Survivor with my next door neighbor at my old apartment building. I did this for two reasons: 1) the show was a new, different, intriguing experiment and 2) she was, er, hot.


I like The Amazing Race because, well, it’s the only show that I’d ever actually consider being on. It’s one of the few reality shows that appears to be fair: it has a set of rules, all the participants know the rules, and it doesn’t change the rules halfway through just to “shake things up”. Nobody gets voted off or cast down by the American public calling in from their couches. Nope, it’s a race: if you come in last, you’re out.

Now all I have to do is get my body in kick-ass shape and find someone willing to fly around the world with me solving silly problems.

Of course, now that I’ve actually recommended a television show on the blog, one of you will sit down tonight and watch it. And, since this is how my luck works, the season will be absolutely horrible and you’ll never accept a television recommendation from me again.

If that happens, I humbly apologize in advance.



  1. If you promised to eat all the disgusting things and play with the spiders I could do it.

    I might yell though.

  2. Well at least your fancy is “Amazing Race”. That is way more acceptable than my vice— Project Runway (which premieres in a mere 10 days)

  3. I am ashamed to admit that I watch way too much “reality” TV. Everything from Survivor to Project Runway. Top Chef to America’s Next Top Model. Of all of these quality programs, I would agree that the Amazing Race is at the top of the list.

    If the wife and I ever went on the show, it would be the funniest first episode eva’ – until we lost the first leg. We would probably kill each other several times just getting to the first airport. Don’t get me wrong, the wife and I are quite fond of each other but in pressure situations, watch out!

    I doubt this season will ever be as bad as the Family Edition of the Amazing Race. That was soooo boring.

  4. See, I like saying I don’t watch any show regularly except “The Office”, but I watch a lot of shows irregularly. If I happen to turn the tv on at any point during the week, I’m sure to find at least 372 shows I feel like I need to start watching. Immediately. The last one I felt that way about? Kid Nation. I know. I’m ashamed, but it just hooks you!

  5. I don’t drive stick shift and I’m sometimes directionally challenged, but I’ve traveled a lot internationally, speak a few languages (not counting Pig Latin!), and can navigate just about any public transit system, so I’d be happy to audition for the role of travel partner when you have your casting call. Like JaG, I’d have a hard time eating the really nasty stuff too. 😉

  6. I’m watching it right now!! BTW Thank you AGAIN for your super awesome comments!! 🙂

  7. Just watched the first episode. Annoying team got eliminated first (always a good sign). Best line: “We’re kind of like little goth energizer bunnies.”

    just a girl: The eating stuff is a more recent addition that I don’t like (too “Survivor-esque”), so we might be in trouble there. Yelling isn’t always bad: the editors will cut in more of us!

    TGAW – Don’t feel bad. If you find it entertaining, it’s all good.

    Homer-Dog – it can be addictive, can’t it? I agree with you about the family addition (yawn), with the All-Star addition a close second…

    Brandy – I suspect we all have our little guilty pleasures. I avoided Kid Nation because of the way it was shot, but that’s too long a story for a comment…

    quirkygirl – Stick shift is a skill I would have to re-learn for the race, but language skills would be very handy. Looks like we all have weak stomachs, though…

    KB – Cool, isn’t it? No problem, glad you’ve been sharing!

  8. I agree with the first season of Survivor. The only time that show was interesting was back when it was still raw. And the Amazing Race is a pretty decent reality flick.

    As far as reality TV is concerned, I’m a sucker for Top Chef.

  9. Aaron – welcome to the site! Yeah, the first season was the only one worth really watching, though I did try a bit of season 2 to see how it was influenced by the first. But I got bored quickly… now I just want to travel the world on AR!

  10. I can drive a stick!
    And a short bus.

  11. just a girl – Cool! And we know I’ve got the navigational skills. Now all we have to do is solve our mutal weak-stomach problem!

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