Posted by: GeekHiker | December 24, 2007

Rushing About

Ah, the joys of running around during the holidays…

Actually, this year hasn’t been too bad. Managed to finish my shopping early, drop packages in the mail (which will no doubt show up late, but, well, *shrug*), and even get four loads of laundry done before leaving for Saturday night’s party.

Yes, I went to a party on Saturday night with a group of people I’ve been doing activities with over the past year. Sorry to break all of your hearts, but there aren’t any tales to tell from this one of drunken make-outs or anything. Sure, there were some cute girls there, but my flirting was only half-hearted (just wasn’t in the mood), and I think that the year in dating for 2007 is pretty much done.

Not that it was a grand saga or anything to begin with. I mean, seriously, I’m the type of guy who’s love life gets exciting if I think a girl is just showing interest. Heh. Eh, I’m sure there are other blogs you can turn to for far more exciting dating stories than mine, anyway.

Sunday was uneventful, spending the day driving up to Northern California. No matter what one does, that drive just doesn’t get very interesting, especially with low gray clouds overhead for most of the day.

Today, Monday, was spent running errands, catching up on everyone’s blogs, and generally hanging out with the Parentage.

Yeah, I kinda miss the old house a little, too.

Friday at work was fascinating, though, with small gift exchange between some of my co-workers. It’s always interesting to see what people you work with think you’ll like as a Christmas present (i.e. how well they actually know you).

I’ve discovered that, while they do know my sense of humor:

X-Mas Gift 1

Heh. Yep, snarky, that’s me.

They don’t know my fashion sense:

X-Mas Gift 4

Doesn’t show up here, but it’s actually chocolate brown, so very not my color

But they do know my decoration tastes:

X-Mas Gift 3

Perfect ornaments for the outdoorsy-tree

And then there was this:

X-Mas Gift 2

Uh….. Hm

Whether this means my co-workers think that I’m already an alcoholic or that this job will drive me to become one, I’m just not sure…



  1. That’s not bad, at least 2 out of 4. It could have been worse. The person who offered the vodka probably didn’t know what you would like to get and just looked for something original.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I bet shirt person just figured you liked neutrals (who buys clothing for a co worker anyway?) and the rest are pretty decent gifts, even the vodka.

    Merry Christmas GH.

  3. Remember, It’s the thought that counts. They may not know you but at least they tried.

    Merry Christmas GH.

  4. When I worked in the UK, my first Christmas there I left school (a HIGH SCHOOL) with 3 bottles of wine and some small bottles of liquor. One of the bottles of wine was from a student.

    Either they thought I was an alcoholic or needed to be.

  5. To all of you: Merry Christmas! Christmas-y post coming soon!

    Gany – Oh, I’m not complaining, it’s all in good fun. I do believe the vodka was intended as a joke, as it was given by a co-worker I have worked with for years…

    just a girl – Have no fear, the shirt will be re-gifted!

    Homer-Dog – See my comment to Gany. I am most certainly appreciative!

    lea – Heh, I should drink in the UK!

  6. And Merry Christmas to you also!

  7. alcohol is better than no alcohol … regardless of the intention 🙂

  8. Umm LOL Cats & seine – Thank you, and thanks for joining the comment brigade as well! And no, seine, I won’t complain about the alcohol. 🙂


    It’s funny how certain regions have different foods only exclusive to them. Anyway — what’s wrong with alcohol for Christmas? I got a nice bottle of aged single malt Scotch. Score! 😀

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