Posted by: GeekHiker | December 31, 2007

Odds ‘n Ends

First and most importantly: a very Happy New Year to all who stop by GeekHiker Central. I hope that your New Years and 2008 are fulfilling for all of you in every possible way.

* * *

A few random things for the last post of 2007…

For those who are utterly enthralled by such things, I’ve back-posted two hikes from earlier in the year here and here. With pictures, no less. Enjoy.

Just for kicks, I added up the trail mileage just from the hikes I’ve described on this site: 89.9 miles. Who’d a thunk it? Makes me wonder what my total mileage for the year was…

So far as 2008 hiking is concerned, it should be interesting. I’ve slipped into a rut, I’ve realized, in the last couple of years, always falling back on to familiar trails. I’m rather loathe to repeat myself too much (“Hiked the Blibbity-Blah trail this weekend… again” makes for rather dull blogging), so I’ll have to venture onto new trails.


* * *

I have no idea what my plans are for this evening. Talk at the party before I left town for Christmas had been of a New Year’s party tonight, but I haven’t heard word since, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

The idea of calling and saying “Uh, is there still a party and, uh, am I still invited?” seems just kinda pathetic, but the bigger thing for me is that after the party before Christmas and the travels back and forth between here and Northern California and SF and friends and family and what-not, hopping in the car for yet another hour (each way) just doesn’t hold much appeal.

So, if there is in fact a party, maybe I’ll go. Or not. Will go with my instinct.
Also having appeal is the idea of staying home, solo, and bombing out on movies. OPG had actually expressed interest in this idea when we chatted about our New Year’s plans, and I said she was welcome to stop by. She said she’d call and let me know.

As yet, no call. I’m figuring 75% chance that she won’t call, 24.75% chance that she will call and say she’s made other plans, which leaves a .25% chance that she’ll actually call and come over to watch movies and hang out.

Meh, I’ve had worse odds.

* * *

I’d briefly considered the idea of writing the traditional year-end post, discussing all the things I’d seen, done and accomplished this year, the things I hadn’t, goals for next year, etc., etc., etc. on down-the-line.

The more I thought about it, though, the less interested I was in writing the post. And I figured if I wasn’t very interested in writing the post, it probably wouldn’t be all that interesting to read.

So, I’ll save it. The first-year anniversary (can you believe it?) of this silly little blog is coming up, and that may be a better time for reminiscing.

* * *

I thought a good thing to do for this post would be to head down to the beach and photograph the last sunset of 2007:



I suppose it would be perfectly poetic if I were to get up early tomorrow, drive somewhere scenic, and photograph the first sunrise of 2008.

Yeah…. It’s not gonna happen, folks. 🙂

* * *

Drinking beers with The Best Friend last week, we asked each other how our respective 2007’s were. She turned to me and agreed: “you really have had an interesting year.”

On balance, I would conclude that 2007 has been a pretty good year. There were some bad spots, sure, but that’s how life is.

And, yeah, it has sure been interesting. Heh.

Happy New Year.



  1. That is a beautiful sunset picture. Well done.

    I did a year end retrospective on my blog. Not very original I know but I did it anyway (Can you see the big “L” on my forehead?).

    You did have a good year which made reading your blog a pleasure.

    Happy New Year GH. Good luck in 2008!

  2. Happy new year!

    I like your sunset pictures very much as well.

  3. Happy New Year GH.

    Here’s to another interesting year with far more ups in it.

    Beautiful pics. Thanks for dragging your butt out.

  4. Happy New Year GH … thanks for taking the sunset pics – really nice!

  5. Excellent pictures! I spent end of New Years watching Rob Lowe with a friend since her flight required her to be at the airport at 5am and I’m old and require at LEAST 2 hours of sleep before airport driving duty. I did love that I didn’t get sprayed with wine bottles this year though. I hope you had a wonderful night!

  6. it was such a beautiful day yesterday and you captured it just perfectly!

  7. I hope your year was not only interesting as Best Friend said but also a good one, fun, and that you are content with your life as it stands and are bringing in a new year happily without any regrets.

  8. Homer-Dog – Thank you on all counts. Nope, don’t see an “L” at all.

    Gany – Thank you, I only wish I’d gotten down there this evening as well!

    just a girl – How about less interesting but more ups? Too much to ask for?

    dobegil – thanks. I liked them too.

    brandy – Not getting sprayed with wine bottles is a good thing. The night was quiet, but that’s okay.

    *kb* – So, I’m guessing the weather down there was nice as well?

    Ruby – Last year wasn’t perfect, interesting involving a lot of good as well as bad, but this is a new year now…

  9. Happy New Year. Those pictures are, to excuse my language, really fucking cool.

  10. I need to start logging my mileage more often. Since I haven’t hiked yet this year, there is still time for that. And post the GPS tracks, too. That should prove entertaining.

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