Posted by: GeekHiker | February 21, 2008

A Year? Really?

“Let’s see where this door goes…”

I wrote that at the end of my first post, a year ago today. It was a reference to the blog, of course, but also I think a reference to my life as a whole. I’d been stuck in neutral for some time, and the blog was a small part of kicking me out of it.

It was just a journal, I thought at the time, but as it turns out, I had no idea just what lay behind that fanciful door.

What happened in the last year?

  • Just prior to starting the blog, the girl I’d been dating for four and a half years and I broke up.
  • I started going to the gym and, for the first time in my life, stuck with it. Honestly, I have no plausible explanation for this.
  • I joined some social groups in an attempt to re-invigorate my social life. The success has been only moderate, but it’s a start.
  • I started writing about and photographing my hikes, which people took more interest in than I ever could have anticipated.
  • I met an amazing woman in the spring and, in a fit of romantic hopefulness, flew out to meet her. I fell for her hard, but she only saw me as friend and ended the whole thing. I didn’t want to admit to myself at the time that I had fallen that hard for her, but looking back at the posts now, I may as well admit that I did. And so what? People fall for people who don’t want them all the time. It happens. Oops.
  • I also learned an important lesson: always, always, always trade photos first. You know, just in case she thinks you’re fugly.
  • I went hiking in new places. I took a weekend trip to the Eastern Sierra and went backpacking in the Angeles and Yosemite. I led my first hike.
  • I started to get back into photography. Speaking of which, here’s last night’s eclipse:
  • Eclipse Moon

  • I flirted (poorly) with a multitude of women, none of which took any interest in me.
  • Even had one practically run away at the end of the “date”. Gotta love that.
  • My Parents sold their house and a bit of my childhood went away with it.
  • I traveled to see my family a couple of times and to SF to see The Best Friend a couple of times. Speaking of which, I need to call her…
  • I made a turkey sandwich on a picnic lunch in the mountains that was, for a short time, rather a popular subject amongst my small group of readers.
  • I met a second reader, the lovely Just A Girl, on a trip to Oregon. The trip was just about the best I’ve ever had, covering a wide range of sights and scenery, with the added bonus of making a new friend.
  • I watched as my favorite outdoor spot, one near and dear to me, burnt to the ground. Simply referred to as “The Secret Spot,” I miss it and long to return.
  • Yet, out of it, came one of the few things that I’ve written that I’m genuinely proud of.
  • I found myself tempted by a co-worker, with whom I shared an obvious physical attraction, but she blew me off/played games, and I quickly realized that all she would end up doing would be messing with my head.
  • Now that the cat’s out of the bag: I saw Yosemite in winter, all covered in snow, for the first time.
  • I’d end it by saying that I learned to ski but, well, just glance back two posts to see how that one went.
  • It seems like there should be more… but hopefully that covers the big stuff…
* * *

I never really expected anyone to read all of this, mind you, and I don’t have a huge cache of readers stopping by every day. And that’s okay. Those of you who do are regulars and take genuine interest in what I write. And I thank you for that.

A few have even become friends, something I never really expected. And a couple have become companions in the real world as well. It’s something that’s pretty exceptionally cool.

Without a doubt, it has been an interesting year on this side of the door.

* * *


For all that I’ve seen and done and been through in the last twelve months, my life is fundamentally unchanged. I still rent and live in the same house. I still work at the same job. I’m still single.

I’m not saying that those are good or bad things, but there are things in my life I continue to yearn for and things I strive to change. I just haven’t managed to do it quite yet.

‘Cuz I’m still trying to figure out how

* * *

When I first started writing, I didn’t know what this would become. And to be frank, I’m still not entirely sure what it is.

All I do know is that it’s pretty much me. Well, maybe a slightly better version of me, as I’m not nearly so well spoken in real life.

It’s still fun, though. So I guess I’ll keep going a while…



  1. Exchange photos because YOU might think SHE is fugly….

    I’m very glad you started this little endeavor last year. Without it I’d be short a good friend.

    Sometimes the small changes one makes are actually the ones that make the biggest difference in our lives.

  2. The first part of this post, despite its up and down pattern, is more cheerful and longer than the last. Maybe that has already made some fundamental difference.

  3. Congrats for the one year anniversary.

    It sounds like you are where I was back in 1995. I went searching for change but found none. I gave up the search and decided to settle with what I had and then, one week later, my life completely changed when I met the Wife. You will find what you’re looking for.

    You’re life has changed for the better, you know. You’ve met JaG twice in the same year and that surely a good thing.

    I like the moon pic. Now I know what my picture would have looked like if I’d had a tripod. Well done.

  4. we stop by, we read, and we care! keep writing!! (and skiing — it gets easier and more fun each time 🙂

  5. Congrats on the year! Sounds like alot has happened and I for one can’t wait to see what other adventures lay ahead of you that you so graciously share with us, your readers, your fans, your cheering squad and sometimes, your reality check. Keep writin’!!

  6. Not a bad year overall though. You’ve got a cozy home, a job that might not make Monday morning magical keeps the bills paid, you’re meeting new people and doing new things and there’s still trails to hike.

    I am craving a turkey sandwich now…

  7. jaG – Heh. Me too. That’s a good philosophy.

    Gany – Hmmm, food for thought…

    Homer-Dog – Thanks. But did you really stop looking? How else would you have seen The Wife for who she would be in your life? Thanks for the compliment on the pic.

    Seine – Thanks, and thanks for your well-thought comments.

    Backpackermomma – Thanks, and nice of you to be the occasional reality-check.

    Ruby – All true. Next time you’re in LA, I’ll make you one. 🙂

  8. GH: So glad you are writing here! I feel like I made a new bloggy buddy this year. I will continue to enjoy reading about your hikes, I will continue to be baflled reading about your adventures in dating, and I will one day find myself in LA and hungry for a toasted turkey club sandwich. Happy blogiversary!

  9. Happy (belated) blog birthday!

  10. charlotte – You did indeed, nice to meet you as well. Thanks for continuing to enjoy.

    Lori – Thank you. Never too late! 🙂

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