Posted by: GeekHiker | March 25, 2008

How I Know The Universe Is Just Playing With Me

One of the multitude of projects I’ve been juggling lately at work has been trying to figure-out/clean-up/optimize our phone system.

This is a bit more difficult than it sounds because, even though they’re often lumped together, computer networks and phone networks are two radically different worlds.

It’s like night and day, really. So even though I know the computer network, I’m kind of feeling my way in the dark when it comes to the phone system. So when the phone company reps start dropping terms like “pbx”, “rotary hunt” and “DID trunk”, my head spins just a bit.

As part of this whole clean up, I’ve had the phone company reps coming into the office to talk services, rates, etc.

Today one of them came in and we met her for a meeting. I was more impressed with her than the others: she knew her stuff AND didn’t try to talk me into buying stuff I don’t need and won’t buy.

Even though it won’t influence my final decision (c’mon, you know me better than that), I couldn’t help but notice that she was also intelligent, funny and darn good looking.

And that she had one of those “heart-and-hands” rings on. With the design facing inwards.


Oh, Universe-At-Large, you’re such a damn tease…


  1. Dang it.

  2. Did you know what that ring was when you saw it, or did you have to investigate?

  3. oh those rings get turned around all the time… check again next time you all have a meeting!

  4. JaG – Yep.

    pneumoniaBoy – A friend had explained it to me years ago, so I knew what to look for.

    charlotte – I would think a woman would be careful about ring position, but if we have another in-person meeting, I will check again…

  5. The most important part of a phone system is the UI of the phone itself. Who cares about hunting schemas if the average mortal (ie clerical staff) can’t use the damn phone?

    I hope there’s a special place in Hell for the designers behind Rolm phone systems.

  6. Left hand or right hand? There may still be hope … or not.

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