Posted by: GeekHiker | April 24, 2008


(Will comment on the much more interesting post below tonight…)

So here I am at work at lunch, mulling over the upcoming weekend.

In the negative column: I won’t be hiking due to the knee. Which currently feels like a massive bruise has formed right at the joint, but I can’t see it due to the massive patch of scraped off skin on top. I don’t want to make it worse, so away from the trail I shall stay.

In the positive column: I’ll be going to the Festival of Books.

In the negative column: I’ll be going alone. All my friends are out of town or busy and, well, part of the suck of being single is you don’t have a ready-made partner for these things.

And that’s my weekend. And while I’ll probably try to do something like a solo picnic with whatever books I pick up at the Festival on Sunday, it just doesn’t quite seem to get the positive column bigger than the negative column, does it?




  1. Chicks dig scars.

    There’s a positive for you.

    And brains.

    Another positive.

    Now will this picnic involve a turkey sandwich?
    Now, men who can cook….. 😉

  2. The Wife and I went to the Festival Of Books last year. She even got her copy of “Teacher Man” autographed. This year we didn’t see anyone on the list that tripped our trigger. I am curious about the comic book section though. Have fun!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a book festival. This weekend is the annual Arts and Jazz Festival where I am. Two things I love combined in one weekend…I can’t wait!

  4. I’m so jealous you’re going to the Festival of Books. I’m going to be out of town and have to miss it…even though I just found out what it is earlier today. Have fun – and you never know – you might meet a cute (pretty?) bookworm – and have another positive to add to your list. 🙂

  5. I want to go to the Festival of Books! It sounds so much fun.

    I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun! And maybe even meet a cutie bookworm! 😉

  6. Just A Girl – Well, yes, it is three positives, but no one’s around this weekend to give them the proper respect!

    Homer-Dog – I haven’t been in a couple of years, so I’m going because I kinda miss it. I’ll snap a photo of the comic section if I can.

    Gabe – It’s one of those things that I can point to and say “See, LA isn’t what people think it is!” Have fun at your Festival too!

    Mel Heth – Well, there’s always next year. Hopefully you’re going out of town for something fun. Somehow, I don’t think the festival is a good pick-up spot, though…

    Wendy – It is. Well, if you like books. Thanks!

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