Posted by: GeekHiker | June 5, 2008

Friday Sillyness

Ever seen an ad on TV that starred an actor that you knew? Sort of. Like, you know the face, but darn it, you just can’t place him.

And every time that darn ad comes on, you stare at it intently, looking at the actor’s face. You’re sure you’ve seen that guy before. Or did you? Maybe not. No, wait. Yeah, you’ve seen that guy before. You’re pretty sure of it now.

The ad comes on again. Okay, yeah, you’ve definitely seen the actor before. But where? It’s right there, right on the tip of your brain.

The ad comes on again. You stare intently again. No, really *augh!* it’s right there! Right at the edge of your memory! You KNOW who that guy is! But… but… who the hell is that guy? Where have you seen him before?

Then, the next time you see it:

it hits you. Oh, yeah! Duh! It’s that guy! He was that bad guy in Raiders from when I was a kid!

And he was in that darn funny Hot Fuzz last year too!

I always wondered what happened to that guy. Who knew he’d been working so much?

And then, you move on.

* * *

And on a completely unrelated note, I’m totally looking forward to this:

If for no other reason than to find out exactly how the attacking shopping carts come into play.

Pixar flicks seem to transcend that bridge between kids film and one adults will enjoy. Luckily, I tend to be able to enjoy them on both levels.

Yep, this is a silly, random, totally pointless post. I think I need to do these every so often, just for kicks.

Happy Friday.



  1. I didn’t know he was in Hot Fuzz. Funny movie, though.

    Looking forward to a new Pixar flick, too.

  2. Someone else who freely enjoys watching kids movies… I haven’t been able to come out in the open about that yet… I secretly love to be trapped in the backseat with all the kids in the minivan so that I can catch up on my movies 🙂

    Way to figure it out, I never would have known, I am really bad at that game.

  3. Wall-E looks very interesting. It will be added to my Blockbuster list.

  4. That’s kind of ironic… I hadn’t heard of Wall-E until today. I was at lunch with a friend and she told me she wanted to see it. And then here you talk about it too!

  5. AA – It looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

    Aly – Heh, who says you have to have kids, or be a kid, to enjoy “kids” flicks?

    Homer-Dog – I’ll try not to ruin it for you!

    Gabe – When it rains, it pours, eh?

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