Posted by: GeekHiker | June 8, 2008

So Sore, So Good

I’m completely exhausted.

My knees, both of ’em, are sore from rock-hopping all day.

I’m probably a bit sunburnt.

I no doubt stink to high heaven.

My skin is covered in dirt, my shoes filled with gravel, and I need a shower like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m so tired that the moment my head hits the pillow, I’ll probably be out like a light.

Over fourteen miles were covered today, and every muscle in my body feels it.

I was back on the trail today, and I feel great. 🙂



  1. About darned time eh?

    Sleep well!

  2. Sounds like a good day to me! Can we expect pics?

  3. You stopped to blog before taking a shower? Wow, that’s dedication. 🙂

  4. It’s amazing that something so painful and feel sooo good. Glad to hear your out and about again.

  5. woohoo!!!!!!!!! HIGH-FIVE!!!!! 🙂

  6. guess yer knee is OK? yay!

  7. Guess your knee’s okay…ice on knees is good…

  8. Ah yes only 14 miles…a mere walk in the park… I think the only time I’ve even hiked 14 miles was when I did Half Dome. And that required months of training. You’re awesome.

  9. Ice the joints and sweet dreams!

  10. Just A Girl – it is indeed

    Dingo – Yep, as soon as I edit them and write up the post…

    AA – LOL

    Homer-Dog – Yep, it’s the best kind of all-body-soreness. Nice to be back out there on the trail, too.

    *kb* – Thanks!

    Charlotte – Yep. Taking the time off to let it heal right was the best plan.

    cripkitty – Yep. Thanks!

    Mel Heth – LOL – well, there wasn’t nearly so much elevation gain on this hike! Besides, did you see what Aly did over the weekend?

    Ruby – Thanks!

  11. Love it! You sound much more satisfied with your hike performance than I was with my performance! But where are the pics? And ditto to AA, I showered, then blogged my hike… maybe someday I will reach true blogger heights, until then, I have you to look up to 🙂

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