Posted by: GeekHiker | June 19, 2008


There’s a kid in the park near my house blowing on, I think, a tuba.

It’s making a sound akin to something a very large, dying animal would make.

I have a terrible urge to go put the poor tuba out of it’s misery.  No musical insturment should be subject to that kind of pain…



  1. LOL, all I can see in my warped mind, is the guy playing the tuba in Brad Paisley’s video, “I’m much cooler online”

    I can only imagine it sounds like a condor, passing gas. Hope you have earplugs.

  2. Hee! I could be worse….bagpipes…

  3. I love that dobegil has seen that video. Wish that had been my first thought… But my actual thought was… could be worse… bagpipes… too late to be original on that one! 🙂

    P.S. i hope it was a chubby kid with freckles. That would make the whole scene perfect!

  4. At least it’s a good thing the kid is in the park blowing on a tuba and not sucking on a crack pipe, right?

  5. My daughter and I just watched Woody Allen’s *Take the Money and Run*.

    The main character, a pathological criminal, played cello in his formative years.

    Substitute cello for tuba and you’ve got one of the best marching band film sequences of all time.

  6. Just think, he could be the next big thing. You never know. They all gotta start somewhere right?

  7. Sheeeesh, what’s with all the bagpipe haters? My Scottish heritage resents that!

    You probably could’ve just strategically chucked a tennis ball at the tuba and plugged it up. Or maybe you should’ve just approached him and said, “Dude, chicks don’t dig tubas, go get yourself a pair of hiking boots.”

  8. I think I could bear a tuba. It’s those damn Peruvian Wind Flutes I can’t stand. I’d even take a bagpipe over the Yanni wannabes.

  9. Well, since what I “do” is play trombone, I probably wouldn’t mind the tuba. (Heck, if it really sounds as bad as you say it does, I’d probably run over there and give the kid a lesson or something.) But the real question is, why is the kid playing in the park?

    Also, I really like bagpipes. (Not that that matters at all, but just to support Mel Heth.)

  10. Dobegil – Having never heard a condor pass gas, I’m just gonna have to trust you on that one…

    Just A Girl – Hmmmmmm

    Aly – Didn’t see the kid, but let’s just assume so for the fun of it!

    Charlotte – I suppose, but the crack pipe would be quieter… 😉

    Phil – Haven’t seen that one, but now I’m intrigued…

    Backpackermomma – That’s true, one never does know…

    Mel Heth – Hiking boots work? Really? Would someone please inform the single women of LA of this fact?

    Dingo – LOL – Would they all have the hair too?

    Gabe – You would have minded this poor, poor tuba, trust me. As for playing in the park, I have no idea…

  11. at least he had the decency to go to the park. in my life, he would have lived next door, more than likely in the room that shares a wall with mine!

  12. Tuba or not Tuba, that sems to be the questions.

    I’m Sorry.

  13. Homer-Dog, that was super lame! 🙂 But I did smile a little.

  14. There are two possible reasons for why he was practicing in the park.
    1.He is confident enough to openly defy the stereotype of the chubby-tubaplaying-bandgeek*.


    2. He is too clueless to realize that he IS the chubby-tubaplaying-bandgeek.

    *Disclaimer: this comment was written by a former clarinetplaying-bandgeek. (I know of what I speak.)

  15. Hey Geeky,

    Just checking in to see how you are doing.



  16. Copascetic Fish – Hmmm… maybe I would prefer the bad tuba to the screaming neighbors!

    Homer-Dog – You should be sorry. 😉

    Gabe – Yeah, I did too…

    Ms. H – Welcome to the site. I have a third option: maybe he was playing poorly in public to win sympathy points from the band-geek girls! LOL

    Cara – I do well! How are you?

  17. You know, Option 3 has real possibilities! He’s probably pissed that his mom made him miss instrument-selection day because of an orthodontist appointment, so he’s coping the only way he knows how! He probably wishes he was a cool trumpet player….but all in all he’s glad he didn’t get assigned the bass drum. At least when he’s playing his tuba in the park he has a clear sight-line. With a bass drum, he’d be crashing into trees and mowin’ people down left and right! And that would TOTALLY be overkill for trying to garner sympathy. What girl wants to go out with the guy who walked into a tree?!
    I gotta hand it to him. He’s a pretty smart cookie. :0)

  18. Ms. H – Heh, why didn’t I think of the “tuba trick” when I was a kid? LOL

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