Posted by: GeekHiker | July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Fourth Flag 08

This flag, given to everyone in the neighborhood every year by a local real estate agent, sits out in front of my place. It’s a nice touch, all the streets lined with flags.

For myself, this 4th of July will involve mostly relaxing, reading, maybe some writing, perhaps a little cleaning. Even though I’m unable to spend my holiday with the family, I still continue the traditions we’ve always done: I’ll be BBQ’ing a hamburger, maybe an ear of corn on the grill too, plus chips and what not. Unfortunately, the grocery store was out of potato salad, which makes the meal a bit incomplete.

Dessert, again a tradition, will the a root beer float. Tasty on a warm summer day, and best enjoyed while watching the local fireworks, which are pretty close to where I live.

For entertainment, I’ve rented John Adams, and am feeling thoroughly patriotic as a result. History has always interested me, and here it is well told. Bolstered by another good performance by Paul Giamatti, of whom I am a great admirer.

Although, I have to admit there is a bit of irony to the film: large parts of it were shot in… Hungary.

Anyway, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope that you all have a happy, safe, and thoroughly enjoyable 4th of July!




  1. Mmmmm…burgers and corn on the grill….

    Awesome shot 🙂

    *Counting down the hours until the Pops concert*

    Happy Fourth, GH!

  2. Happy 4th. We had our big day on the 1st so enjoy yours!!

  3. Happy 4th and I’m only slightly jealous of your float.

  4. oooooooooh root beer float…yummy!

  5. Confidential to Ghazala Khan – Sorry, I’m afraid I must decline.

    East Coast Teacher – It was good. Thanks, had to get up early for that one. To you as well!

    Backpacker Momma – Thank you!

    Just A Girl – What, you don’t have them in Canada?

    Ruby – 😀

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