Posted by: GeekHiker | July 2, 2008

Oh, That’s Just Demented

(For those of you who expressed concern, no I don’t plan to stop blogging. I just wish the posts I keep mulling over would congeal into something worth posting!

I commented individually, but I thank you all for your kind words. Hopefully this mild case of the blues will go away soon… but now on to less serious business…)

* * *

Okay, seriously, how wrong is this?

At the gym tonight, working on one of the bikes (the “evil hill” program, thanks for asking), they had two channels on the TV’s.

One was showing Fox News. No comment.

The other, in some form of twisted, sadistic evilness was showing…

Wait, are you sitting down for this?

I’ll wait…

Comfortable? Ok, good.

…was showing “Good Eats” on Food Network.

Showing images of flour, sticks of butter, and tons of sugar going into a bowl.

What was it Alton was making?

He was baking apple pie, no less!

That’s right, 30 minutes of pure pie making goodness sitting there on the overhead TV screens.

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching a little Alton Brown on occasion. He likes and cooks real food, with ingredients I’ve actually heard of, using recepies I can actually, uh, pull off. (Well, given how often I’ve been cooking lately, theoretically at least.)

But to show that to a room full of people sweating off the pounds on cardo equipment sumptious pictures of warm, sweet, gooey, delicious apple pie? Seriously?

There outta be a law against that kind of thing…



  1. I remember being on the treadmill next to 2 teen girls one day. They narrated EVERYTHING that came on the TV overhead. When a Red Lobster commercial came on and they started talking about how much they wanted to eat some yummy shrimp for sinner, I finally had to get off and walk away. Thinking of food and exercising don’t mix at all! LOL…

  2. Thats just harsh. They should not be showing the Food Network. *tsk* I wonder how many people stopped on the way home for a little dessert??? Not you though. No way. Right???

  3. Since I gain weight just from watching the Food Network, I would’ve really been pissed off.

  4. The whole point of running is that fact that we all go for coffee afterwards.
    And maybe a snack.

  5. Ah I’m sorry this pained you, but it made me laugh. I’m sure some trainer somewhere was doing an evil villainous laugh, knowing he had set the TV to that network.

    I think there was an exercising hex on the world last night. I tried to go running and came down with terrible heartburn about a mile into it. I guess that’s what I get for eating bruschetta with dinner…

  6. Yep, wrong–so wrong!

  7. Maybe it was supposed to motivate you to work out harder because, you know, a slice of that pie is like 450 calories. So if you looked down and saw that, after an hour, you’d burned 180 calories (= 1 can of Coke), then you’d only have 2.5 more hours to go before you can have a slice! Don’t you feel motivated??

  8. de-lurking…um…hi!

    The concept of biking and being all sweaty and halfway into the “evil hill” workout also known as my ride home from work and seeing someone making apple pie makes me more than a little ill. Pie and physical exertion are two things that should be kept away from one another at all costs.

  9. All I ever see on the tv’s at my gym are sports, sports, and more sports.

    Sports Center, Sox games, oh, and sometimes, the news.

    If I was watching a cooking show and running on the treadmill, it’d probably make me run faster in anticipation of a similar treat once I completed my workout.

  10. If it makes you feel any better about having to watch someone bake a pie while you’re sweating on a horrible machine that only the cruelest person could have created – you can bake me an apple pie – how about it? 😀

    Yep, four days – plenty time to be a bum and not do anything. Ah, heaven.

    And this isn’t fair! all of the cyborg names I’ve heard are awesome, except mine. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  11. That’s must be their membership retention method.

  12. Food shows at the gym. No, not even food but dessert?

    Definitely should be illegal!

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