Posted by: GeekHiker | July 21, 2008

Okay, Um, Ow…

It’s not often that I get to whip out the term “tour de force” when writing about a weekend, but, geez, what a weekend, a true tour de force if there ever was one. I am completely and totally exhausted.

And, well, most of my body is in various states of soreness and pain. Thus is the result of, perhaps, of biting off a wee bit more than I should.

See, on the trip, I managed to do a litte bit of hiking. Totaled up, at least according to the GPS, it came in at around 32 miles. Damn.

No, wait. Make that: “Daaay-am!

The only drawback (other than one pair of really sore feet) was that my right knee decided to go kablooie on a steep downhill, the last downhill on Saturday’s 16-miler. Tacking on 10 more miles the next day didn’t seem to help much.

Okay, fine, don’t say it. Sometimes I’m not the smartest hiker on the trail. See? I said it for you. Now you don’t have to. Not that that will stop some of you, I know.

At least now I can say I’ve managed to mess up both knees in less than a half a year. Heh. Go me.

Ah, well, totally worth it. And I have the 684 photos to prove it.

So things will be quiet for a bit, while I catch up on all your blogs, maybe do a bit of posting (pre-written hike post ready to go, yeah, baby!) and rest the knee (getting older is a real bitch, sometimes) by bombing out on movie rentals.

Still, the best part of the whole darn thing? When I get around to writing up the hike descriptions, they’ll all start with the words “Starting at the pier“:

Santa Cruz Island 01
Nope, it isn’t Catalina

Seriously, how frakkin cool is that?



  1. Hmmm., can’t wait to see more!

    Yes, getting old is a b**ch – but remember, it’s not the age, but the miles! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. 32 miles? 600+ photos?

    Daaaay-um is right.

    I learned how to belay tonight and am officially in. love. with indoor climbing.

    Also, I took photos! But, they’ve yet to be developed.

  3. “various states of soreness and pain”. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t hike.

    But I’m glad you had fun!

  4. That looks like something out of a movie from the Banff Mountain Film Fest!!! You need to start video-ing your outings!

  5. It’s a hard life you lead GH.

  6. can’t wait to find out where that pier was exactly!

  7. The pier is certainly intriguing! Two knees in one year, huh? Don’t go tour de forcing yourself so much that you have to change this blog to “GeekWalker.” That might break my heart a little!

  8. Yeah, I want to know where you were!

  9. Only 684? I took nearly that many on the 4 miles up and down Mount Si a couple weeks ago. 😉

    I kid, I kid.

  10. Knees are such fickle things, aren’t they? I’ve had ACL surgery on both my knees (not hiking related reasons). Turns out my hiking strengthen my knees.

    The whole “Starting at the pier” thing – CCCOOOLLLL!!! So freaking jealous Dude. All my hikes will just start with “Starting at the Cornfield” – How dull is that?!?

  11. So, what movies have you chosen? Any more 9-hour biographies?

    That boat in the picture would be the search and rescue crew coming to get me because I’d passed out somewhere along the 32 miles.

  12. 32 miles? Dear lord. I suddenly feel extremely lazy. I hope the knee starts to feel better soon!

  13. Dobegil – Hmmm, maybe I should cut back on the mileage, then…

    East Coast Teacher – LOL. Cool!

    TheCoconutDiaries – Ah, but there are so many reasons TO hike!

    BackPackerMomma – I know, I probably should, but I need a better camera first!

    Just A Girl – Yeah, it is!

    Charlotte – *grin*

    Mel Heth – Will do my best.

    Hilary – Will come as soon as I edit the photos…

    AA – LOL, I’ve been trying to cut back…

    Homer-Dog – Indeed they are. Heh, didn’t you go out there when you lived in the area?

    Dingo – No, but I do have a Ken Burns documentary in the queue… LOL

    Brandy – No worries, we all have our own ways to torture ourselves. Thanks!

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