Posted by: GeekHiker | July 18, 2008

Friday Sillyness

(Out of town for a few days, so yea for setting up advance posts!  Most of you have probably heard of this viral audio around the web by this point, but I’ll share it for those who haven’t.)

Now, we’ve all heard that women like a guy who’s confident.  Sucessful.  Sure of himself.  A go-getter who knows what he want’s in life and goes after it.  A guy with aspirations and goals who doesn’t play games and states his mind.

If my experience reading personal ads is any indication, those words are pretty common on the thoughts of the single women of the world.  Or at least Los Angeles.

As such, I present Dimitri, who met the lovely Olga in the North Beach section of San Franscisco, talked for all of two minutes, when she gave out her card and invited him to call her.  And he did:

Well, Dimitri (the stud) is confident and knows what he wants.  Sex-zhay, no?



  1. Oh.


    Can I get his number please…*gag*

  2. OK … You have finally found someone to emulate. Leave a few messages like that and you’ll have to change your blog From Single GeekHiker to Scoring GeekHiker.

  3. Wow. Olga sure did dodge a bullet, didn’t she?
    The Hi-lights:
    “your friends were jealous…even they say they’re not”
    “there’s nothing wrong with me”
    “I’m a catch”

    and…giving her a DEADLINE?!?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

    Anybody confused about why Dmitri is still single?


    I thought so.


  4. LMAO – ahem, I’m sure that’s what Olga was doing when she heard this!!

  5. “You should actually look that up… passive aggressive personality disorder.”

    This was nice entertainment 🙂

  6. I’m not really even sure what to say to that. Jesus christ that there are people like that out there. My word.

  7. I snickered quietly from beginning to end because I was afraid my screams of laughter would not let listen Dimitri and his great words of wisdom.

    I’m particularly tickled by the “there’s nothing wrong with me” part. Man, I want to call Dimitri and have some fun with him and his ego.

    Gooood stuff.

  8. Wow. O wow. I have no other words. 😉

  9. Just a Girl – Heh. I’ll see what I can do.

    Homer-Dog – Gotcha. Will use Dimitri the Stud as my guideline for all future women I meet.

    Ms. H – I’m more wondering about the women who actually fall for those lines!

    Dobegil – Either that or quaking in fear…

    Gabe – He’s got an entertaining style, that’s for sure…

    Backpackermomma – Frightening, isn’t it?

    Narami – If you do, I hope you’ll post an audio of the conversation!

    Dsireenb – It does render one quite speechless…

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