Posted by: GeekHiker | July 29, 2008

Geek TV

Looking for a little geeky TV to brighten your summer? I recommend Eureka, which returns to the Sci-Fi channel tonight at 9.

What’s it like? Well, if you liked Northern Exposure, especially the early seasons, it’s something like that. With a little added sci-fi, geek toys, and a downright silly sense of humor.

Besides, it’s got that guy from T2! And Max Headroom for goodness sake! Show a little geek love!

Of course, it is the third season. So if it totally jumps the shark and sucks, I will be deleting this post and disavowing any knowledge that it ever existed…



  1. You know what’s really sad? I’ve been watching the Eureka marathon on Sci-fi all day today. I’m not a sci-fi person normally, but I like this show.

  2. I’ve been watching it since the beginning. I was not sure it would survive past season one but, frankly, it’s grown on me and I can’t wait to see where season three takes us.

    Now if I could just find out where the real Eureka is so I could move there – Geek Paradise

  3. I’ll drink to that. Eureka is awesome!

  4. Is it one of those shows where if you didn’t watch it from the beginning you’re lost. Kinda like Lost?

  5. I loved Northern Exposure … I’ll have to check out Eureka tonight. That is if I’m still awake.

  6. I should check that out…

    was worried about you yesterday in the earthquake, things still shakin?

  7. I’m ignoring this *lalalalala*.

  8. Heh. Seriously? I need me some TV right about now… I want to be a couch potatoe too! 😉

  9. You won’t be able to disavow knowledge for some time. You would have to wait until it gets out of Google cache. Sometimes Google cache is my friend, like when you are trying to read an answer from Experts Exchange.

    But when I make a mistake on the internet…. yeah, not so fond of Google cache. 🙂

  10. Lea – Why is that sad? It just means you’re turning into a geek like me!

    Homer-Dog – It is pretty good, mainly cuz it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Heh, I’ve been to Eureka (CA) and it was nothing like that!

    Rachel – Another fan! Cool!

    Dingo – There is a season-spanning story, but most of the episodes are single-shots, so you’re safe.

    Dobegil – So, did you watch?

    Cripkitty – Nope, all good here. Thanks for asking.

    Just a Girl – Are you saying you don’t trust my recommendations?

    Desireenb – Yep, seriously. It’s perfect couch potato material!

    Vicky – LOL. You make a very good point. I’ll just say someone is google-blasting me!

  11. Speaking of Max Headroom, have you seen the ad for the new Christian Slater show? Hes got a counterpart (himself) on the computer that talks to him. Made me think of MH. Have no idea what its called. Looks alitlte cheesy…??

  12. BackpackerMomma – Nope. I’ll have to look out for it…

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