Posted by: GeekHiker | July 30, 2008

X-Philes and The Creeps

What’s creepy?

No, not the earthquake yesterday. That has its own creep factor. Namely the part where the world starts shaking. It’s not like it is on TV, either: no running and screaming, no “rumble, rumble, rumble” noise, no dramatic music.

Don’t let anyone tell you different about this either: the brains don’t register earthquakes right. What really happens is that for the first couple of seconds your brain goes “WTF?” Then it goes “Oh, shit, this is an earthquake.” (Note the lack of an exclamation point; the brain really doesn’t shift into panic mode.) Then the brain goes “Oh, crap, I know I’m supposed to do something now like, uh, move.”

And by the time I’d moved away from the window in my office (windows have that nasty habit of shattering during a quake), the shaking was done.

At least I can completely geek out over the maps of it all…

* * *

Last night I went to see “The X-Files: I Want to Believe“, having not made it there over the weekend. Were it an episode during the series original run, it probably would have ranked as about three outta five. Not really scary-creepy, more of a character study almost.

I think I liked the movie for the reason that a lot of fans may not: time has passed. A lot of fans, of course, go to a movie such as this wanting the old X-Files back: Mulder and Scully, FBI agents, chasing the aliens and creepy-crawlies.

The movie, on the other hand, takes a bit more of a realistic tack. The characters, especially Scully, have moved on, left the FBI, gone on to different stages in their life. Which is how life works. I rather like the fact that the movie didn’t attempt recreate “The X-Files” of old, which probably wouldn’t have been very successful, but moved on, just like life does.

As a side note: Gillian Anderson. Amazing, understated, emotional performance. Why doesn’t she get more high-profile work in this town?

Anyway, I won’t give away much, but I will say the title, as strange as it may seem on the surface, really does play into the film on multiple tangents.

I did kinda miss the aliens, though.

If you do see it, stay through the end credits. Feels like a “goodbye” to me…

* * *

“The X-Files” actually brings back some of my (unfortunately, very few) good memories of college. Of going over to The Best Friend’s place on Friday nights (when the show was on Friday nights, still kinda “underground” and therefore much cooler).

Of turning the lights off and drawing the blinds for the show. Of sitting on their oh-so-comfy couch eating Ben & Jerry’s from the corner grocery. And drinking beer or cider or (for them, as it’s not to my liking) sake.

It wasn’t “painting the town red” thrilling. Just a bunch of broke college kids, sitting around with the lights off, watching truly geeky TV on a Friday night after a long week of classes and work.

I kinda miss those days sometimes.

* * *

But the real “creepy” of this post happened after the movie. I don’t know if this is unique to LA or not, but have you ever left a movie theatre/store/mall and had someone, in their car, follow you all the way back to your parking spot?

I don’t know why, but it always creeps the hell out of me, like I’m being stalked or something…


  1. “…more high-profile work in this town”

    You’re the only one who can say “in this town” JUST LIKE THAT (because you live in L.A.) and not sound pretentious.

    You’re such the Hollywood Insider GH!

  2. Thats funny. You assume they’re following you but forget to realize they were at teh SAME movie and parked in the SAME lot. I have had that happen. I’m all, dude, what the hell? And then he gets into the car two over from mine and I feel like a moron. Hee hee.

  3. If the guy following you to the car was in shadows smoking a cigarette that would’ve been really creepy!

  4. Charlotte – LOL, yeah that’s me, such the insider!

    BackpackerMomma – LOL – read it again, my friend: the dude was in his car, driving at my walking pace, following me back to my parking spot. He then waited until I pulled out so that he could take my parking spot and save himself a whole 100 feet of walking!

    Dingo – Oooh, I like the film noir touch!

  5. isn’t that called parking space stalking? i guess that’s only if they end up parked in your space. otherwise, YES. CREEPY.

  6. It’s not just LA – people do that here, too, usually around Christmas time.

    God forbid they get a bit more exercise as they scour the mall for gifts. I find it rather humorous.

    Never had it happen at any other time; though if I did, I definitely would be creeped out.

  7. I’ve been that stalker. Sometimes the only way to find an available parking spot is to follow someone to their car.

  8. If it’s raining I will totally parking space stalk…clearly this makes me a creeper. *looks shameful*

    I’m glad you liked the movie. I think it’s going to have to be added to plans this weekend.

  9. You described exactly what I thought during the earthquake. After moving away from the window, I also wondered if it was going to get any worse. My building swayed for what felt like minutes but I guess it wasn’t actually that long. Time sure slows down during the earthquake!

  10. hmm … wow, not a bad review for x-files! i was hesitant about going to see it, not sure what it’d be like, and pretty sure that I didn’t want a re-hashing of the tv show. glad you liked it!!

    and there was an earthquake when i was in college, and you nailed the brain reaction right on! i had the exact same thoughts with the exact same (de)emphasis

  11. I would rather walk longer than following someone to a parking lot. It just sounds ridiculous.

  12. Kristin – Hadn’t heard that term, but I like it! And yes, he did take the spot I vacated…

    EastCoastTeacher – It’s year-round here!

    Homer-Dog – If the lot was full, I don’t think I would have minded so much.

    Rachel – Heh, it’s okay. Hope you like it too.

    Hadley – Glad I’m not the only one who’s brains get a bit slow!

    Seine – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you like the movie and my review wasn’t wrong.

    Gany – My thoughts exactly!

  13. I put off reading your post until seeing the movie but, dammit anyway, didn’t stay for the entire credits! *grumble*

    I do believe Gillian Anderson has been busy being pregnant and doing work in the UK. I do agree though, she was very good in the movie.

  14. Parking lot stalking….happens all the time especially at Christmas! Creeps me out at night though!

  15. I glazed over it all, but wanted to make sure you knew I stopped by. I’m so jealous! I’m going to watch x Files tonight. You insider you…we can get Charlotte the DC Insider, and you together, I’ll be set! :):)

  16. Ooooohhhhhhhh….ok yeah. Thats just weird. 🙂

  17. I can just imagine myself during an earthquake. Sheesh, I’m already clumsy enough as it is!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the X-Files film, looks good and I’m glad they didn’t try to recreate their old stuff.

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