Posted by: GeekHiker | August 12, 2008

How Old Am I Again?

Exiting the Rite-Aid today, I came upon a skinny teenage kid outside the store, joking around with his friends.

He had long hair and was wearing jeans. He was riding a skateboard. He was wearing Converse sneakers. And, to top it all off, a worn-out black Black Sabbath t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

For a moment, I was a bit lost. Was it really 2008 and I’d just turned 35, or was it 1988 and I just turned 15?

Talk about your head trips…



  1. It’s all coming back to haunt us – I’ve seen the pegged pants make a reappearance lately, too.

    I thought I’d just turned 29, not 9.

    Happy Belated Birthday, GH 🙂

  2. Ha!

    You know you are old when the fashions of your youth make a reappearance.

  3. that’s too funny.

    the other day i learned that a girl i used to babysit is starting college this month and another is getting her driver’s license. i was really close to wanting to pretend i was in high school again. thankfully, the moment passed.

  4. What was old is new again. What makes me feel old is TV shows that I grew up with being “re-imagined” or made into bad movies.

  5. why? is that what you were wearing today too?

  6. I showed a Youtube clip of Simon & Garfunkle in my class yesterday. No one knew who they were. I wanted to cry but I was afraid they would think it was the onset of dementia or something and send me to a nursing home.

  7. Oh, yeah, the other day I heard a song I grew up loving on the Classic Rock station. Classic rock! please. I hear you there!

  8. I don’t know how much I can contribute (I was 3 in 1988) other than to say,

    1. Skinny jeans, and that emo-kid haircut are horrendous. Ugh. Leggings? No. No. No. NO. Not past the age of five. Also, bubble skirts, vests and those early 90s square, plastic sunglasses that are making a comeback? Utterly atrocious.

    2. Dingo, I know who Simon & Garfunkle are and I weep for the ignorance of my generation!

  9. p.s I have no idea how that smilie got in there. It’s supposed to read “1988”

  10. Hellllooooo didn’t I tell you 35 was the new 15?!

    Rachel, I resent that legging comment. 😛 I’m 32 and I think they look cute on me with the right dress draped over them.

  11. At least the kid has got style. 😛

  12. So did you time warp? Lil Geek, meet Big Geek? Kinda reminds me of that Bruce Willis movie, “The Kid”

  13. I love when that happens xoP

  14. East Coast Teacher – LOL, scary, isn’t it? Thanks for the b-day wishes!

    Just A Girl – Heh… thanks… I think…

    Kristin – Ugh, I hate things like that!

    Homer-Dog – Yeah, you mean like “Knight Rider”? Next thing I know, there will be a remake of “Greatest American Hero”…

    Charlotte – No, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans… just like I did back then!

    Dingo – LOL, don’t cry. They’ll feel the same way twenty years from now when the kids don’t know who Paris was…

    Kori – I was at a Borders once where they filed “Oingo Boingo” under oldies once…

    Rachel – LOL – I still like leggings: it’s what all the girls in college used to wear! But I’m glad you know Simon & Garfunkle!

    Rachel – I’m guessing the “8” next to the “)” will do it every time…

    Mel Heth – I ‘spose you did. I suspect you wear the leggings in only the most tasteful fashon.

    AA – True!

    Dobegil – I suppose I did!

    Narami – *snicker* It is a bit odd…

  15. I blame reruns of Beavis & Butthead and Wayne’s World. Effing TV Land!

  16. TheCoconutDiaries – But, um, I kinda liked those shows! 😉

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