Posted by: GeekHiker | August 24, 2008

Second Date… Denied!

One of the big ironies of my dating life is that, while I don’t do it that often or (to be frank) all that well, I do come up with some damn good ideas for dates.

Well, at least I think they’re good ideas. Maybe for a certain type of person… someone a little geeky or quirky or something along those lines.

On today’s schedule was the second date with The Twenty-Nine Year Old.

(Really, if anything more comes of this whole thing, I swear I’ll come up with a better nickname. After all, that one would only be good until her birthday, eh?)

Our plans? Simply to start with a good lunch, then head over to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The museum was showing 1954’s “Them!” in the theater, with a discussion and question-and-answer session afterwards with a naturalist about why giant killer haven’t invaded the LA sewer system. Well, not yet at least.

So your basic lunch and a movie, with a nice little geeky twist.

Unfortunately, while in the shower this morning, she left a voicemail on my cell, saying that she couldn’t make it. I won’t go into details, but basically she’d hurt herself at work Friday and spent the weekend on meds and sleeping. I tried to call back, but evidently she’d gone back to sleep and I never heard back.

So the second date? Poof.

Not having any other plans, I decided to go solo, skipping the lunch out portion, natch. After all, the NHM had done four of these “old horror movie” events this summer and this was the last one. And it was fun: an old movie, an interesting discussion, and they were even handing out free popcorn and drinks.

But, of course, it wasn’t how I’d wanted my Sunday to go, know what I mean?

And the real bummer? I’ll be out of town next weekend. Which means that the second date, assuming, and I am assuming (or at least hoping) that there is to be one, won’t be for at least another two weeks.

As one friend said: total momentum killer.



  1. Bugger.

    Can’t you meet one evening instead of the weekend?

  2. can you schedule a weeknight date instead? that’s not crazy talk ya know… lots of good dates happen on, say, Wednesdays!

  3. Dude, this is golden. This is your chance to prove yourself. Get on the horn to FTD at the minimum. Keep it simple, but thoughtful.

  4. Dang. The date sounds fun, and I hope she gets to go on it with you!

  5. That second date did sound fun.

    I wouldn’t send flowers (sorry Phil, still too early I think). But I would definitely try for the weekday date. Charlotte and JAG are right – those can be good ones too. Good luck!!!

  6. Sorry your second date went poof. I nth the weekday date thing. They can be fun and are almost always really casual (which I like). One of my best dates happened on a Monday night.

  7. *jumps on the boat that goes to ‘weekday date!!!’*

    You DO come up with great date ideas, that was super 🙂

  8. Hey All – Since everyone has the same basic idea, I’ll respond with a sorta-general answer. We talked about it, but given the distance (10 miles) between us, the amount of time to travel that distance in LA evening commute traffic, and the early hours (i.e. early to bed) for a project at her workplace, a weekday date isn’t really feasable right now.

    And no, I didn’t send flowers. I don’t know her address!

  9. Instead of the flowers (yes, too early) how about a call while you’re out of town? It’ll help (you) stay in the cautiously optimistic mode and let her know that you’re interested in more than the ‘entertain me now’ sorta way.

    G’luck GH! you sound quite smitten 😉

    BTW – just my personal inclination, but it’s nice when the first couple of dates are more interactive than a movie (unless you’re huge movie buffs); it’s a window into how they process ‘stuff’, which is what dating is all about.

  10. Ten miles, Shmen miles.

  11. 10 miles? That’s supposed to be some great distance or something? How long does it take to go 10 miles in LA traffic. I really have no idea. Do it. Weekday date. If she doesn’t want to travel, then the first weekday date is in her neck of the woods.

  12. It can easily take an hour or more to go 10 miles in LA traffic. If there’s an accident, and there often is, the highway becomes a four lane parking lot. It’s outrageous! Commuting hours go on well into the night. Given that she’s said she needs to go to bed early due to having to be at work early, I think I’d do what GH is doing and wait for the next weekend. If it is meant to be, it will be.

  13. Every great love his a hurdle….you’ll look back on this and laugh

  14. Don’t give up on this one. It sounds promising so give it another chance.

    I agree with Hadley – 10 miles in LA traffic is like an eternity in a parking lot.

  15. She did reply huh? “Smirk”

  16. […] week, GeekHiker posted about how one the biggest ironies of him being single is that he does “come up with some damn good ideas for dates.” It sparked some thought on my part here in Virginia and I polled a few of my male friends […]

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