Posted by: GeekHiker | October 7, 2008

But I Watch Anyway

Tonight I watched the second debate between the candidates. It went about how I expected it to go.

Every four years I find myself watching the debates. This happens even though for the last few election cycles , as it is with this one, my mind is generally made up ahead of time. I dunno, maybe I just feel like I should.

Still, I’m hard pressed to complain too much about the process. Even as long and as dull as the process often is. Even as the conversation repeats the same answers, even when the answers don’t match the questions asked. Even when the legitimate conversation stops and the mudslinging begins.

Yeah, even through all that, I don’t complain too much. After all, there’s still a lot of places in the world where the conversation doesn’t even occur. A lot of places where whoever’s in charge has gotten to that point through force and violence.

I’ll take the long, drawn-out conversation any day.

* * *

What else do “I watch anyway”? Well, I take advantage of the new internet connection at work to catch up on episodes of “Chuck“. Sweet.

Don’t worry, don’t worry; I do it at lunch when bandwidth use is low…


  1. I love Chuck!

  2. Good reminder that we have such a greater freedom here than is other countries. Sometimes we forget that.

    I’ve only seen Chuck a couple of times and have enjoyed each one I’ve watched.

    GH, have yourself a great day!

  3. Obama’s Best Line:
    “I think the Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one…”

  4. I watch for nights like last night. I can’t watch anything involving Palin anymore though. I’m very scared it’s taking ice-cream scoops out of my brain.

  5. You know what’s better than watching the actual debate? Watching the political analysts after the debate on FoX News and MSNBC! If you flip back and forth between the channels you’ll hear:

    Fox: McCain is best in the town hall format.
    MSNBC: McCain is a racist!
    Fox: Obama’s got a great demeanor, speaking directly to the gentleman who asked the question.
    MSNBC: Obama has ties to an American terrorist!

    I decided to watch Housewives of Atlanta and Making the Band 4 instead. Because the mudslinging is far more creative and the candidates wear better clothes.

  6. On CNN after the debate they talked to a group of undecided folks who complained that the candidates didn’t elaborate enough on what they would do as President. What did they expect?!? The answers are only two minutes long – hardly enough time to give a comprehensive answer. The scary part is these same people are going to vote in a few weeks.

  7. Mrs. Bartowski – Who doesn’t?

    Dobegil – I thought so. You should watch Chuck more often, if you can!

    BrittanyRuth – LOL

    Rachel – Oh, I dunno, she’s entertaining in a scary sort of way.

    TheCoconutDiaries – I don’t think I can handle the pundits!

    Homer-Dog – I’m always a little surprised to find that some people are really, truly undecided this late in the game…

  8. I tivo’d the debate but still haven’t watched it. Now, if you get hooked on Project Runway, THEN we will have much to talk about!

  9. i watched the debates too … the only things i’ve made sure to get home in time to watch have been the 3 debates this year.

    unfortunately for my productivity, i’ve been downloading tvshows … some good, some purely stupid. Chuck’s one of those I’ve been meaning to start watching … the problem is I really can’t add another show to my list. I have no self control once I start a show to stop watching, so the best solution is to just not start …

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