Posted by: GeekHiker | October 8, 2008

Sleepy, So Very, Very Sleepy

I skipped the gym tonight. I was exhausted, and actually ended up coming home to an overheated house (seriously, it was about 90 in here) and crashing for 40 minutes.

You might save I’ve been a bit sleep-deprived of late.

Might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been getting, on average, maybe five hours of sleep every night.

What are the reasons for this? Oh, there are so many:

  • The heat. Lack of air conditioning during a heat wave sucks.
  • The continued strife, on occasion, between my neighbors. Oy.
  • The fact that anytime past eight or so in the evening? Totally freaking awake.
  • I keep waking up 30 to 60 minutes before my alarm is set to go off in the morning. Every morning.
  • The fact that my brain Will. Not. Shut. Off. I keep finding myself thinking and over-thinking about the things that have been stressing me and depressing me of late.
  • Which basically amounts to, you betcha, stress. That doesn’t seem to want to go away.

But I’m terrified of jumping onto the medicine bandwagon. With all the warnings on the ads saying that I’ve got to get at least eight hours of sleep and, well, who has time for that in this day and age?

But, man-oh-man, I’ve got to do something…



  1. I hate when sleeping gets that messed up. I generally get to the med considering point and end up crashing out for 12 hours ans feel so much better.

    Here’s to a weekend crash out!


  2. This may sound trite, but I’ve been considering it myself just to tackle a kind of general grumpiness I’ve been going through. I think it was Dumb Little Man that first posted this…keep a gratitude journal. It’s supposed to help with sleeping.

  3. I hate when my sleep cycle gets out of whack. It puts everything in a haze while I’m awake, but no matter how tired I am, I can’t turn my brain off and go to sleep. I got my first full, uninterrupted night’s sleep in a week last night. It was glorious! Good luck hun, hope things get better!

  4. This heat wave has been brutal! It is hard to believe it is October now.

  5. Ooh I love Phil’s idea! I kept a gratitude journal a few years ago and it definitely helped my mood.

    I don’t know how you’re functioning. When I get less than 7 hours of sleep too many nights in a row, I get all whiny and weepy.

    Do you read before bed? That always helps me fall asleep. I definitely sleep better when I’m exercising regularly too – helps work out all those “things” we think about. Good luck!

  6. Try yoga? And stop watching Chuck before bed. I find when I do that I get all excited and fluttery and I have trouble calming down 😉

  7. I’m with Mel Heth, books always take my mind of my own drama.

  8. crossword puzzles! some nights i fall asleep with them on my face 😉

  9. The weekend is here. If you can sleep in on Saturday, do it.

    I agree with the readers – A good book will calm you mind and help distract you from annoying thoughts.

  10. If I could get 8 hours of sleep every night, I wouldn’t need the damn sleep medications. Reading doesn’t help me sleep. I find that I will finish the book no matter how tired I eventually become. You know what sometimes helps? Grading papers. I’ll send some your way.

  11. My air conditioner died Thursday and I’ve been having the weirdest dreams that I can perfectly remember because REM cycle has been all messed up.
    & you are gonna have to start reading, playing something, or some kind of exercise to relax your brain before hitting the sack. Be creative :o)

  12. Just A Girl – Unfortunately I haven’t had that 12 hour crash out yet…

    Phil – Maybe I’ll look into it…

    Rachel – That sounds wonderful. I wonder, does waking up early count as uninterrupted sleep?

    Hadley – Meh, pretty typical for California, I think.

    Mel Heth – I don’t know how I’m functioning either!

    Mrs. Chuck Bartowski – I don’t think Chuck excites me quite the same way it excites you. 😉

    TheCoconutDiaries – Sadly, I just don’t get quite that caught up in the book…

    Charlotte – Hmmm… that might work…

    Homer-Dog – Unfortunately, no sleeping in this weekend. *sigh*

    Dingo – So you’re saying you need the meds? Any recommendations?

    Narami – I’ve tried everything I can think of!

  13. You’re right. I just watched this week’s episode and now I’m up past 1 am! Maybe I’ll go watch a documentary and see if that helps.

  14. *sigh* You’ve gotta sleep dude. Stress can literally make you sick, and I mean really super sick. Perhaps one day I’ll post what it did to me. I’ve been watching modern marvels with the sleeper timer on my tv. It’s helped!

  15. Ambiance App on my iphone… oh the healing sound of rain…. /sigh

    Tylenol PM when the headaches and restlessness get to be too much.

    I hope you’ve been able to get a little shut eye since this post.

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