Posted by: GeekHiker | November 11, 2008


Probably should have worked on a post at lunch today.

Or caught up on blogs.

Or replied to the outstanding e-mails in my inbox.

Or commented on all the well-thought comments left on my last post.

But I didn’t.

I watched last night’s Chuck instead.

So shoot me.


  1. Was it good? I haven’t watched it yet! I am so swamped and should go to bed as I have a long few days ahead of me but I really want to watch my hubby. Perhaps I’ll watch it now 🙂 I know I won’t sleep but I probably won’t anyway. It’ll be worth it right? Yeah…

  2. Chuck’s my choice! 😀

  3. Chuck!
    Sometimes there’s nothing better than spacing out to good tv.

  4. Yay for you for taking some me-time!!


  5. I totally understand. Instead of doing my chores I’ve been watching the Sarah Conner Chronicles and Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

  6. Hmmm… hot blond girl in tight clothes and funny little Jewish boy turned spy OR reading?? I think you made the right choice.

  7. For some reason, I was never able to really get into Chuck … old episodes of MacGuyver….campiness at its best!

    me time is good

  8. I don’t actually know what Chuck is…

  9. *pow* I never quite got into that show…

  10. Nah, you go do whatever pleases you. We like you anyway xoD

  11. Just A Girl – Yeah, I suppose in the end it was a good thing. I like the term “non-spot”!

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – I generally prefer the smaller group things, believe me. No one has flirted with me in, like, forever though…

    Homer-Dog – It does indeed. Me? Clouded perception? Nahhhh. 😉

    Ruby – I suppose it is.

    Ashton Likes – Welcome to the site. Glad you enjoy Kongregate!

    Marie – Thanks. I dunno. I think I would have preferred the latter just not to feel isolated.

    TheCoconutDiaries – I hope I get it sooner rather than later!

    Mel Heth – Honored? Remember, no one knows of this site… well, at least as far as I know!

    Narami – Your wisdom speaks volumes.

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