Posted by: GeekHiker | November 19, 2008

Finally Responding

After I posted It’s Worse a week or so ago, I decided to wait a bit before responding. Just to let things in my head sort of settle a little. Then I mentally started working on a post in my head. And responses to all your thoughtful comments. And the e-mails I got. And posts I’d seen elsewhere.

Trying to get it all together has been a wee bit overwhelming.

So tonight I’m replying to everyone’s wonderful, thoughtful, fascinating comments on the post. As well as this post. And I do thank everyone who took the time to comment on the posts.

I’ve also, finally, replied to those of you who sent your thoughts via e-mail regarding my thoughts last week.

In both regards I continue to be amazed and humbled by the depth and intelligence of those who stop by. The net is often a truly amazing place.

And I would be truly remiss if I didn’t point out this post by Dobegil, which touched me so deeply that I found it difficult to read at first, and this post by Mother Nature’s Daughter. I may not be able to agree with her at this juncture in my life, but I’m touched to know that she does.

Tomorrow (hopefully): the other half of these thoughts…



  1. You get people of depth and intelligence because like is drawn to like.


  2. We all care for you, Bud. Hang in there!

  3. JaG beat me to it.

  4. It seems as if I have missed so much in my time away from the blogosphere! Sorry you were/are going through such a tough time. I have found that bloggy friends are an amazing support system.

  5. :o) you ARE a good geek, hiker.

  6. Just A Girl – *blush*

    Dobegil – Thank you!

    Homer-Dog – *second blush*

    Dingo – It is.

    Narami – Thank you, my friend.

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