Posted by: GeekHiker | December 10, 2008


Ever find that you’ve read something and it sticks in the back of your mind? Not in such a way that you actually sit down and ponder it, mull it over, or consider its intricacies, but just sorta floats in the back of your thoughts, popping up now an then throughout the day?

I’ve pointed out Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology before. I’m not a follower of astrology per se myself: I don’t know anything other than my sign, really. I don’t follow any column regularly because a) they’re usually so general as to not have any meaning and b) I don’t really care enough to invest the time & energy daily.

That said, when I do catch Brezsny’s column, I often find that I end up pondering something I haven’t pondered before. Such was the case with last week’s horoscope:

What country has more sand than any other? With its vast deserts, Saudi Arabia has got to be near the top of the list. Nevertheless, the Saudi government forbids the export of sand, worrying that it might eventually run out due to its construction industry’s demands for the stuff. This irrational fear reminds me of you, Leo. You, too, have a certain bountiful resource that will never be depleted — and yet you’re chronically worried that it will. Please adjust your thinking. It’s an excellent time to get more realistic about the true nature of your abundance.

For whatever reason, reading that horoscope kicked off the philosopher in me. I think it’s an interesting idea, and it’s an underlying feeling that I sense a lot of people have: chronically worried that we’re going to run out of … something. And as a result feeling the need to rush and act before (cue dramatic music) it’s too late.

While it certainly doesn’t define my mood for the last couple of months, it’s definitely a concept that could be a contributing factor.

Yet, as I think about it, I realize that I have no idea what the “bountiful resource” that he’s referring to might be. His idea struck a chord, certainly. I read it and knew exactly what he was talking about, that fear of running out of… something. But dammed if I know what it is.

My first gut instinct was, naturally enough, time. But that doesn’t work. Sure, we’re all worried about running out of time. Life is finite, and once you get past 16, you realize more and more as life goes on how true that is. So time can’t be it because it can be depleted.

So, why did this idea strike such a chord? If time can be depleted, what of mine can’t? My ambitions? Money? My dreams? My ability to open myself to someone again? My hair? Trust in people? My mind?

What, if anything, is the “true nature of my abundance?”

And why do I fear it will run out?



  1. I so laughed aloud at the hair reference.

    I don’t know what your abundance is either…

  2. It’s funny how horoscopes start making you think. I followed your link and got:
    “”I was walking down the street agonizing over what to do about a particularly troublesome person in my life,” writes Tai Moses in her blog (, “when I saw a playing card laying facedown on the sidewalk. I turned it over.” It was a joker. Her thoughts immediately turned to the words of the philosopher Alan Watts: “When you get the message, hang up the phone.” I hope you’ll be inspired by Moses’ experience, Libra. For now, the best approach to take with your knotty dilemmas is to welcome them as wild cards and X-factors that will bring you interesting experiences and valuable lessons — and just stop worrying about them.”

    It was interesting how it resonated. “When I saw a playing card laying facedown on the sidewalk. I turned it over.” Just kinda caught me. Good stuff today man, good stuff.

  3. I am SO not even going to venture a guess as to what your abundance could be-because now I have to think about mine, even though I don’t htink I am the same sign, and then I have to go read MY ‘scope for the day. So, uh, thanks. I think.

  4. Maybe it is time. Maybe you’re worried deep down that time is running out to do things you’ve always wanted to do. Wild, crazy things. 🙂

    There’s a philosophy out there that if you give more of whatever you believe you’re lacking, more of it will come at you. If you think money is scarce but you’re brave enough to acknowledge you have a roof over your head and $5 to give to charity, hopefully that $5 will come back to you in a bigger way. If you’re hoarding your love because you’re afraid of losing it, the best way to ensure you’ll receive an abundance of it is to give it away. You get the gist.

    Our time here is short. And instead of worrying about what we could lose, we should focus on ALL we have to gain.

  5. I’m not much of a horoscopic believer but hey, if it gets you thinking in the right direction, who am I to criticize.

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