Posted by: GeekHiker | December 7, 2008

Answer: “Sproing, Snap”

Question: What is the sound of a mousetrap being triggered at 11:15 on a Friday night?

I don’t know yet whether or not he’s the only one, but that’s one caught and taken care of at the very least.

And just for the record? Wild mice not nearly as cute as the ones people keep as pets. Pretty unkempt and disgusting, actually. Hence: no guilt whatsoever.

Interestingly, I now actually have the desire to pull out my Christmas decorations. Up until this point, I haven’t wanted to at all. Maybe having him around was more of a downer than I thought. Kinda makes you feel like you’re living in squalor which, believe me, I don’t.

On another note, Nick & Starr won The Amazing Race. I am surprisingly not annoyed by this, especially as they were apparently placed on this Earth for the sole purpose of making the rest of us mere mortals feel woefully inadequate in every way possible. Still (and this is a special shout-out to Just A Girl): one of the last stops on the race was Voodoo Doughnut!

Anyway, how much has my holiday spirit been restored? So much so that I just put up the blinding holiday theme from WordPress.

You’re welcome. *grin*



  1. Oh dear god. (The Christmas theme not the mouse trap. Just call me Mrs Scrooge for the next three weeks).

  2. No way! Did they have that certain doughnut???? 😀

    Aww GH getting un-scrooged…send some of that up to me?

    (PS. Everyone…he does not live in squalor and the couch is pretty comfy if you need a bed [like how I just volunteered your place?!? 😀 ])

  3. Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! No more mouse!!

    I’m super glad to hear that he’s gone to that big cheese-wheel in the sky. Him and his little poop pellets.


  4. My Sproing-snap moment occurred early in the morning (3-ish) and was quite satisfying so I think I know how you feel.

    Thank god the Frat-Rats didn’t win. Dallas and his Mom should have been in third.

  5. and what bait in the trap finally lured him to justice? cheese or peanut butter?

  6. When I was little, I had a book called Santa Mouse. Maybe your visitor was just delivering holiday gifts.

  7. That was the one place I missed in my travels in Portland and I still regret it. I always used peanut butter in my traps when I had mice, and you’re right…they are not cute.

    Meanwhile, hopefully your city mice aren’t as bad as ours that look like rats. Big hunky scary rats.

  8. I don’t watch the Amazing Race so I only have a comment about your new theme.

    Holy crap, that’s festive!

  9. Quite festive indeed – I liked the snow so much, I figured out how to get it on my blog, too.

    I was kinda bummed about Nick and Starr winning, until Ken proposed to Tina after they got to the final Pit Stop – by then, my sadness had made way for “Oh, that is so sweet, I can’t believe he did that” tears.

    Good Lord, I’m such a girly girl.

  10. I don’t even think pet rodents are cute, so I am with you on the mouse thing. I have actually killed them with my feet and with a pan, so there you go. I for one LIKE the holiday bling; it makes me feel so much less depressed!

  11. Love the holiday theme, made me smile.

    I’m ok with the bro-sis win. Made me think about my brother for a bit and how we’d probably kick ass if they’d let canadians apply.

    You and my pal Carly ended up with dead mice at probably the exact same time. Simultaneous rodent death. Stranger things have brought people together. (yes, shes single dude! Come up here!!)

  12. NO MORE MOUSE! NO MORE MOUSE!! Wait, say it with me! C’mon now…NO MORE MOUSE! WOOHOO! This calls for a celebration and decorations and a good beer! Yay!

  13. And dead city mice make great stocking stuffers for that annoying co-worker in your life. Just keep that in mind.

  14. I usually wait until the girl is sufficiently drunk before I pull out my “Christmas decorations.”

    That is what we’re talking about right? When to take out your “stuff?”

    I’m pretty sure ugly rats don’t feel pain. Only the good looking Jude Law types do.

    Stop by my love advice blog. If I don’t get 15 hits per day it doesn’t count towards my community service!

  15. I was reading you on blogsurfer but after that sentence on the blog’s theme I had to click and see that… nope, he was not kidding. And it’s snowing too. (Did you know the snow accumulates on the bottom border of the window?This WordPress people think of everything.)

    Oh and I’m glad the mouse won’t bother you anymore.

  16. Mrs. Chuck Bartowski – I kinda like it, actually.

    Just A Girl – Nah, just a clue-box outside the place. Um, go buy some colorful lights! (I did notice that…)

    Ms. H – Not so far. Not missing the “little poop pellets” either!

    Homer-Dog – I don’t know if it’s satisfaction I felt; more relief I think. I thought it would’a been hilarious if the frat boys did win, though! LOL

    Charlotte – It was peanut butter in the end that did him in…

    Mel Heth – Yeah, the stuff he left on my couch is not the kind of “gift” I want!

    CripKitty – You’ll have to go back! So not cute. I know, I had a rat in a different apartment once!

    TheCoconutDiaries – It is, isn’t it?

    East Coast Teacher – Good old WP, eh? Heh, I suppose you are! LOL

    Kori – This little guy was far to fast to do anything like that. As for the bling, enjoy the snow!

    BackPackerMomma – I couldn’t leave it on all the time, but I do like it during this season. Hey, if you want to race with me, just let me know. Is she cute?

    Ruby – LOL I like the beer idea!

    Dingo – Evil, just evil. I like it. 😉

    Donny Ruth – Uh, not quite… 😉

    Narami – Yeah, it’s the little things that make me like WP so much.

  17. Yes, very cute. 🙂

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