Posted by: GeekHiker | January 5, 2009

‘Travelin Man… Maybe…

(Still a couple of posts to come this week about the Holidays, mainly because I’ve got some photos to share!)

Driving south under those cold gray skies on the first gave me a little time to reflect on ’08.

One of the things I mulled over was that I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to last year.

I mean, yeah, I did get out of the house. I went hiking locally and backpacking as far north as Mammoth.

But I didn’t leave the state, much less the country. Didn’t travel to far off places, or even near-off places, and meet exotic, or even semi-exotic, people.

So I turned in my mind to where I would like to travel next, and felt overwhelmed. I’m such crap at making decisions on things like this; there are so many choices I ultimately end up standing still.

So many places to go. So many things to see.

So little money to spend. Damn my non-lottery playing ways anyway.

Then I had an idea. One of those ideas that might be aboslutely brilliant. Or dumb as hell. Dunno which.

Here it goes anyway: anybody got a couch I could borrow? Or might be willing to play tour-guide in your place of residence for a couple of days?

My thinking is that maybe I can combine a little travel with a bit of meet-and-greet, narrow my options from “the world” to something a bit more manageable.

Not saying anythings gonna happen. Just an idea is all.

So if any of y’all want to meet (i.e. put up with) my geeky self for a few days (I’m thinking maybe in spring?), do put a reply below (perhaps including the general area you live, as many of you I have no clue). If you’re shy, toss off an e-mail instead.

And if you think it’s a dumb idea spurned on by watching way, way, way too many miles of Highway 99 asphalt pass under the truck, feel free to say that too.



  1. What? Canadians aren’t exotic? Or do you just mean I didn’t count because we’d met before? 😛

    Couch reserved. 🙂

  2. I suspect you need something more exotic than Omaha. If not, we have a spare bed.

  3. You’d be welcome to a couch in Minneapolis, late spring would be more pleasant unless you are hankering for some snow and cold.

  4. I’m in the D.C./Baltimore area, you could come and check out the Chesapeake Bay, or head a little west for some Appalachian trail action, or overload on free museums in DC. Our couch actually turns into a bed (ooh, ahhh!), you’re definitely welcome! Just be warned that the programmer and I aren’t terribly exciting, lol.

  5. Dude, check out It is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit.

  6. Boston in the spring? Totally beautiful. We could walk the Freedom Trail, head down by Fenway, maybe even go on the Swan Boats or a Duck Tour!

    All that is to say…come visit me 🙂

  7. You are brilliant! I want to make my readers offer up their couches so I can go truckin’ all over the country! Well done, GH. I hope you get off to some great places. I love how traveling makes life seem like it’s passing a little bit slower. And how you can get a little lost in your new surroundings.

  8. Just stumbled across your site thru Spleen. I think its fantastic that I was thinking of calling my blog Hiking Nerd. Hmmm. I guess I wasn’t as original as I thought

  9. What a fabulous plan! I have based all of my travel on couches in the near vicinity and friends. I completely support your plan, as my couch is awfully close to yours, I don’t think that is a good option, but I can’t wait to hear about your travels!

  10. I second Tim’s recommendation to check out When I moved from Florida to LA six months ago, I couchsurfed in four different cities with four awesome people I hadn’t met before. It was a much better way to go, especially since I was traveling alone. My hosts took me to local spots that were off any tourist loops, and I got a really nice introduction to the towns while getting to hang out and have a beer instead of wallowing in a hotel room.

  11. Just A Girl – Okay, that’s one!

    Homer-Dog – You never know. I do like the railroads. Lotta railroad history there in Omaha and Council Bluffs, ya know…

    Shawna – Welcome, new reader! Spring or fall are always good.

    Anya – Ooh, DC! Don’t fret, I’m not terribly exciting either.

    Tim – Welcome in. I looked at that as well, but of course, I want to meet readers too…

    East Coast Teacher – Well, that’s another option, though my last trip to Boston didn’t turn out so well. Plus, can you volunteer a couch you don’t own?

    Mel Heth – Well, we’ll see what comes of it all…

    Hebba – Another new reader! Ah, go with Hiking Nerd, what the heck!

    Aly – It might be a good option if I’m not sober… 😉

    Kirch – Again, a good idea; still hoping to meet those who read, though…

  12. Things are always a little hectic here in coyote-ville, so our couch might not be the most commodious. But I’m game to hook up for a hike some time.

  13. Idaho-couch available. Actually I would even let you have my hide-a-bed! City of Rocks nearby, also several other really great places to do the outdorrsy thing within driving distance. May have to share bed with….two dogs. a cat. the occasional toddler-but none of htem bite Or have fleas, so….

  14. Yes, I’m very late to comment. Sorry?

    Anyway, sadly I don’t have a couch available. Of my own. If this changes (praise the Lord!) during the year, you should know that mi sofa sera su sofa (my couch will be your couch).
    If you happen to visit (because staying here can be really cheap if you look around) at some point, I would totally take you places though 😀

  15. GH! Come visit St. Louis! I love showing off my city, and I have tons of space for a traveller, including a couch (or, a spare bed if you’d prefer). You’d have to come before June, though, cuz then I’d be off to Germany for a few years (where I’m sure I’d have a spare couch, too hehe).

  16. Make that two Canadian couches. Mine is very, very cold. Minus eleventy bajillion degrees this weekend. Maybe May would work?

  17. HELLO, play the lottery. Problem solved.

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