Posted by: GeekHiker | May 28, 2009

Aaaaaaand We’re Done

Given my propensity to over-think, well, just about everything, it’s not often that I make spur-of-the-moment decisions.

But sometimes it happens.

As a matter of fact, it happened tonight.

I just deleted, disabled, hid, or unsubscribed to every single dating website I’m on or have ever been on.  When nobody’s buying the goods you’re selling, there’s no point in leaving the product on the shelves.

I’m done.



  1. I’m right there with you, my friend, right there with you.

  2. Yep, been there too. And you know what happened? I cried myself to sleep and ranted and raved and pissed and moaned and stayed away from every happy couple I knew (all two of them), and I moved on. Accepted my perpetual state of singleness and just-gave up. A year later I went out with a guy and 2 months later found out I was pregnant, and you know what? I love him, I love the baby, but-sometimes I long for those days when I just didn’t care anymore.

  3. True dat. There’s a special kind of bliss that goes along with “being done.”

    Two words for you: Jack Daniels and George Jones.

  4. 2 weeks after I did that I met my current fiancee.

    Here’s hoping it works for you too.

  5. Maybe without the pressure of a dating site and all the stupid commercials that promise you the love of your life within two nanoseconds of signing up, you can take it easy on yourself.

  6. Sweet! I say you use the money you’re saving to go do something cool! Don’t go spend it on fancy dish racks, whatever you do…

  7. :’-) I’m so proud of you.

  8. Awww.

  9. Good 4 u! Who needs dating sites? Baa!!

  10. I hear ya. Just go hiking and don’t worry about anything else. Of course, with my dating history, I certainly shouldn’t be giving any sort of advice whatsoever. But I know this…hiking loves you right back no matter what!

  11. I bet it’ll be liberating. It’s already a lot of pressure without having a website letting you know how good you’re selling yourself.

  12. Yay! Those things are totally counter-productive. Spring is time to go play outside anyway 🙂

  13. And, ZOMG, D did the exact same thing!

  14. I hate dating sites. I vote for — hang out with people doing things without the pressure of a date and then you can actually get to know people.

    It’s also more difficult if you’re a guy. Most women don’t pursue guys on dating websites, they wait to be pursued. Fun, eh?

    BTW I wanted to read one of your blog posts that was password protected, do you ever pass out the password to certain peeps? If not that’s fine — I have private stuff I hide too. But if you want to share, I would love to be in the “in” group. 🙂

  15. If you are handing out passwords, I’d take one also, I don’t real life know you and I promise not to judge 🙂

  16. When nobody is buying the goods, give them for free!!

    It’s sad how bad that made me laugh. Might be how sleep deprived and tired I am but wow, that was funny.

  17. Ditto on the meetup, though, there is pressure when you are constantly the new person in every group.

    I like the idea of a clean slate. A CTRL+ALT+DELETE may do a boy some good.

  18. ECT – Indeed, though I think our cases are slightly different…

    Kori – If I get pregnant in two months, my worries will reach a whole new level

    Phil – I think I’ll settle for beer

    Cripkitty – Would you like to place money on June 15th?

    Dingo – I’m an okay guy, but never good enough. Better?

    Mel Heth – So you’re happy I’ve removed myself from the LA dating market?

    Homer-Dog – Aw, shucks

    Existential Beatnik – Welcome to the blog. And… thanks… I think?

    DesertLamb – Apparently no one needs me on them

    Hebba – True, but hiking doesn’t call for help when you slide off the cliff…

    Narami – There’s a definite feeling of never being good enough on the sites, I must admit

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – And a waste of money, for the guys at least

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – Yet, she still has more possibilities than I do

    Spleeness – I have to do a post about the fact that I’m already on fracking meetup

    S’dizzle – Will send…

    Wendy – No one wants for free. I would have to pay to give them away…

    TheCoconutDiaries – see my comment to Spleeness

  19. No I’m not happy you removed yourself – I’m happy you’re not wasting money on it if you’re not enjoying the process.

    Just because you’re not on an online dating site doesn’t mean you’re removed from the dating world. There are PLENTY of other places to meet women in LA and the world. And hopefully they’ll be more fun and free!

  20. I gotta agree with Mel. And not just cause she uses my nickname. There’s got to be more fun places to meet women in LA. Got to. It can’t be desolate. I refuse to believe it. 🙂

  21. Thanks Cripkitty. 🙂 I always wanted to take some of REI’s cool classes when I was single. Seemed like a really cool place to meet outdoorsy people. Something about book clubs or book signings appealed to my single side, too. GH – your chick niche is out there, you just haven’t discovered it yet.

  22. Mel Heth – Constant rejection? No, you could say that I did not enjoy the process. Then again, those two words could apply to the entire thing, online or not.

    Cripkitty – LA is very desolate for the not-good-looking.

    Mel Heth – I’ve taken the REI classes. I’m usually the least in-shape there, and the women are too busy staring at the instructor’s ass. I think I’ve finally reached an age where I can no longer convince myself that there is a niche out there for me.

  23. sometimes you gotta be spontaneous and say fuck it. good for you dude 🙂
    also, just the fact that you were on those sites is awesome too because i poked around on a few but completely wussed out because i was too scared.
    see – either way you got guts.

  24. Well Done … I’m with HD – I’m so proud of you!

  25. Good job on being able to navel gaze and generate results from the process!

    imho online dating is much slower than meeting in real life….way too easy to spend time getting to know ppl w/ incompatible personality quirks (eg. personal hygiene?)

    now if only datees weren’t quite so sensitive about the whole ‘I like you, just not *that* way’ vibe. What’s up with the one-track mind? Whoever has filled up their quota of friends/friendly acquaintances during a lifetime?

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