Posted by: GeekHiker | June 22, 2009


Things that suck at work:

Sucks: when an older gentleman, who’s not quite there anymore (if you know what I mean), says “GH, you’re getting fat!”

Really sucks: knowing that, because everyone knows that the poor old guy is losing his marbles but everyone still really likes him, any offense taken or snarky comeback will make you look like a total ass.

Really, really sucks: that even though it isn’t true (though I’m not 26 anymore either), the comment still makes you feel like shit.




  1. And that’s what I don’t miss about working!

  2. Next time he said that, just grin enthusiastically and say “thank you — I am glad you noticed!” LOL

  3. They call you Geek Hiker at work? That’s weird.

  4. That’s completely inappropriate. I hate how offices have a tendency to become worse than a high school locker room without the crude sexual jokes. Mean girls, cruel guys, it’s not fun.

    This just ensures that you need to find another job in my book. That makes me mad. 😛

  5. you can laugh at that. right?
    (i mean, of course… i wouldn’t… but I’M A GIRL!)

  6. Gah! Why are there so many people who speak without a filter!???!

    Time to job search GH?

  7. Oh old people and their lack of tact…

    I would have clutched my belly and said, “What?! This is the gas tank for the love machine!”

  8. When you get old you have the privilege of turning off the filter. Some day you too can insult a co-worker. Until then, you have to grin and bear it.

  9. well, you can always change his passwords or “lose” his files.
    and phil’s comment – cracked me up

  10. Have you noticed that the high road also sucks? My mom says that sh*t to me all the time. It’s a good thing that I only see her once a year and don’t speak to her the rest of the time. It’s so hard for me not to take it personally so I totally don’t blame you for being angry. Hell, I cry whenever she says it to me but I’m thinking you’re not much of a cry-baby. I want to tell you, “hey don’t let it bug you if you know it to be untrue”. But screw that. It ducking sucks.

  11. Oh, but you could use your blog to tell us what your snarky come back would have been? Mine would have been, “oh yeah? at least i’m not senile and wearing adult diapers!” I guess that’s not as much snarky as it is just mean 😀

  12. I’ve had patients look at the picture on my name badge (about 2 years old) and say “Wow! Is that you? You lost a TON of weight!”


    I’m the exact same weight that I was when the picture was taken.

    Don’t know how to take that.

  13. Why is the man with oldtimers still working at the office? Maybe you should rearrange the office furniture or something. He’ll be lost for days and you won’t have to hear him say tacky things about your weight.

  14. This same exact thing happened to a guy friend of mine, except it was his dad making the comment. What is wrong with people?! Next time just say “you too!” What an ass.

  15. Hilary – LOL, well, you may have to go back at SOME point…

    K – I think I actually did say something like that under my breath

    Phil – Yeup. 😉

    CripKitty – Well, yeah, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about at this point

    KristinBlakely – Um, in LA? Every guy here is supposed to feel bad if he doesn’t have rock-hard abs!

    Ruby – He probably had one when he was younger. I hope.

    Mel Heth – Hmmm… the HR person was in the room at the time, and might not have been appreciative…

    Homer-Dog – Well, I look forward to it myself, then!

    BlakSpring – Um, I don’t think he remembers his passwords anymore…

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – Indeed it does

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – I had a good one, but I’m drawing a blank on what it was

    Hebba – Meh, a compliment is a compliment, even if they don’t know it’s backhanded

    Dingo – Something similar to that happened, actually…

    Spleeness – *shrug* Probably not worth the effort

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