Posted by: GeekHiker | August 19, 2009

It’s All A Matter Of Context

Remember my little project of going through old American Cinematographers and getting rid of them?

First, let me just say how fun it is to dump a two-foot tall stack of magazines.  I mean, really, a whole bookshelf completely cleared (and ready for new books, natch) is just cool.

Of course, I have to admit as well that maaaaybe an issue or two (with articles on, say, “Lord of the Rings”) may have made it back on to the shelf.  Maybe.  But no more than a dozen.  Maybe.  If it were to go down that way.  😉

Anyway, I’ve been renting the occasional movie in which the lighting interested me, pretty much in the order I’ve run across them in the magazines.

Through sheer happenstance, I happened to rent “A Clockwork Orange” after reading the article in the issue that was published after Kubrick’s passing.

And the film after that?

Fight Club

Interesting double-feature, eh?

And I gotta tell ya, seeing both of those films back-to-back is a great reminder of how normal, rational, stable, sane souls we all are… 😉



  1. Fight Club is a weird, but deliciously funny, interesting, and highly quotable, piece of work. I am not going to pretend to like A Clockwork Orange (I do like Dr. Strangelove) because I still don’t understand it (okay, I watched it once and never want to watch it again) and it’s too graphic/brutal for my taste.

    We are all sane — we are flawed, but we are not crazy. Crazy people don’t question their sanity. Sometimes I think we are TOO SANE and TOO RATIONAL and thus all that angst and soul-searching. Maybe it’s time to get on Valium and be blissed out all day! KIDDING!!! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen both and they both twisted my head a little. Made me a little insaner. But no one noticed 😉

  3. K – Sure you’re kidding, sure. 😉

    Homer-Dog – Oh, they noticed, they were just too polite to say anything. *grin*

  4. i love me a bit of “the old in-out” – lol.

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